Aktuelle Publikatioen

- Nanotechnology 29 (2018) 015701 (8pp)

Dorothee Braun , Martin Schmidbauer, Michael Hanke and Jutta Schwarzkopf

Hierarchy and scaling behavior of multi-rank domain patterns in ferroelectric K0.9Na0.1NbO3 strained films



- Journal of Crystal Growth 498 (2018) 269-276

A.G.Ostrogorsky V.Riabov N.Dropka

Interface control by rotating submerged heater/baffle in vertical Bridgman configuration



- PHYSICAL REVIEW B 98, 085423 (2018)

Juerong Li, Nguyen H. Le, K. L. Litvinenko, S. K. Clowes, H. Engelkamp, S. G. Pavlov, H.-W. Hübers, V. B. Shuman, L. М. Portsel, А. N. Lodygin, Yu. A. Astrov, N. V. Abrosimov, C. R. Pidgeon, A. Fisher, Zaiping Zeng, Y.-M. Niquet, and B. N. Murdin

Radii of Rydberg states of isolated silicon donors



- Journal of Applied Physics 124, 035303 (2018)

T. Markurt, T. Schulz, P. Drechsel, P. Stauss, and M. Albrecht

A predictive model for plastic relaxation in (0001)-oriented wurtzite thin films and heterostructures



- Phys. Rev. B 98, 045202

R. J. S. Abraham, A. DeAbreu, K. J. Morse, V. B. Shuman, L. M. Portsel, A. N. Lodygin, Yu. A. Astrov, N. V. Abrosimov, S. G. Pavlov, H.-W. Hübers, S. Simmons and M. L. W. Thewalt

Further investigations of the deep double donor magnesium in silicon



- J. Phys. Chem. C 2018, 122, 18705−18714

Giuliano Duva, Linus Pithan, Clemens Zeiser, Berthold Reisz, Johannes Dieterle, Bernd Hofferberth, Paul Beyer, Laura Bogula, Andreas Opitz, Stefan Kowarik, Alexander Hinderhofer, Alexander Gerlach and Frank Schreiber

Thin-Film Texture and Optical Properties of Donor/Acceptor Complexes. Diindenoperylene/F6TCNNQ vs Alpha-Sexithiophene/ F6TCNNQ



- Applied Physics Express 11, 071001 (2018)

Robert Rounds, Biplab Sarkar, Andrew Klump, Carsten Hartmann, Toru Nagashima, Ronny Kirste, Alexander Franke, Matthias Bickermann, Yoshinao Kumagai, Zlatko Sitar and Ramón Collazo

Thermal conductivity of single-crystalline AlN



- Journal of Crystal Volume 492, 15 June 2018, Pages 18-23

N. Dropka, I. Buchovska, I. Herrmann-Geppert, D. Klimm, F. M.Kiessling, U. Degenhardt

Towards graphite-free hot zone for directional solidification of silicon



- Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 78 (2018) 132–146

Michele Baldini, Zbigniew Galazka, Günter Wagner

Recent progress in the growth of β-Ga2O3 for power electronics applications



- Cryst. Res. Technol. 2018, 53, 1700272

F. M. Kießling, T. K. Ervik, A.-K. Søiland, B. R. Henriksen

Coating Roughness Effects on the Defect Structure of mc-Si and its Comparison to High-Performance mc-Si



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