03.05.18, 13:30 Uhr: Kolloquium - Dr. Amol Choudhary: 'Miniature femtosecond laser sources'


Am Donnerstag, den 03.05.18, um 13:30 Uhr
spricht in unserem Institutskolloquium

  Dr. Amol Choudhary
ARC DECRA Fellow in the School of Physics University of Sydney

zum Thema:

"Miniature femtosecond laser sources"


The first ever laser consisted of a flash-lamp-pumped ruby rod and was built by T.H. Maiman in 1960 and since then lasers have captured the imagination of many physicists and the general public alike. Lasers can operate in the continuous wave (CW) regime, where the intensity remains constant as a function of time or in the pulsed regime where periodic pulses of light are emitted with durations in the order of femtoseconds (mode-locking) to nanoseconds (Q-switching).

There has been a recent focus on the development of pulsed laser sources with high (> 1 GHz) repetition rates owing to various applications such as non-linear microscopy, optical sampling, optical frequency comb metrology, and in the calibration of astronomical spectrographs (astro-combs). For most of these applications, the available sources are quite bulky, making the setup quite complicated, expensive and prone to instability. There is in general, a need for low-cost, multi-GHz sources which are compact, mass-producible and energy-efficient.
In this talk, I will give a brief overview of the state of the art high-repetition-rate, mode-locked lasers. I will then focus on my research on the development compact lasers based on waveguides, micron-scale structures that can efficiently guide light. I will also outline the importance of material platforms, especially crystals in the realization of such high-performance integrated devices.

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