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Jos E. Boschker, Toni Markurt, Martin Albrecht and Jutta Schwarzkopf
Heteroepitaxial Growth of T-Nb 2 O 5 on SrTiO 3
Nanomaterials 2018, 8(11), 895

C. Ehlers, S. Kayser, D. Uebel, R. Bansen, T. Markurt, Th. Teubner, K. Hinrichs, O. Ernst, T. Boeck
In situ removal of a native oxide layer from an amorphous silicon surface with a UV laser for subsequent layer growth
CrystEngComm 20 (2018) 7170 - 7177!divAbstract

N. Stolyarchuk, T. Markurt, A. Courville, K. March, J. Zúñiga-Pérez, P. Vennéguès & M. Albrecht
Intentional polarity conversion of AlN epitaxial layers by oxygen
Scientific Reports (2018) 8:14111

T. Markurt, T. Schulz, P. Drechsel, P. Stauss, and M. Albrecht
A predictive model for plastic relaxation in (0001)-oriented wurtzite thin films and heterostructures
Journal of Applied Physics 124, 035303 (2018)

Lu-Chung Chuang, Kensaku Maeda, Haruhiko Morito, Keiji Shiga,Wolfram Miller, Kozo Fujiwara
In situ observation of interaction between grain boundaries during directional solidification of Si
Scripta Materialia 148 (2018) 37–41

Zbigniew Galazka, Steffen Ganschow, Andreas Fiedler, Rainer Bertram, Detlef Klimm, Klaus Irmscher, Robert Schewski, Mike Pietsch, Martin Albrecht, Matthias Bickermann
Doping of Czochralski-grown bulk β-Ga2O3 single crystals with Cr, Ce and Al
Journal of Crystal Growth 486 (2018) 82–90

L. Lymperakis, T. Schulz, C. Freysoldt,1 M. Anikeeva, Z. Chen, X. Zheng, B. Shen, C. Chèze, M. Siekacz, X. Q. Wang, M. Albrecht, and J. Neugebauer
Elastically frustrated rehybridization: Origin of chemical order and compositional limits in InGaN quantum wells


W. Miller, A. Popescu
Micro structures in the grain evolution during solidification of silicon: Phase field calculations
Acta Mater. 140 (2017) 1 - 9

M. Pillaca, O. Harder, W. Miller, P. Gille
Forced convection by Inclined Rotary Bridgman method for growth of CoSb3 and FeSb2 single crystals from Sb-rich solutions
J. Cryst. Growth 475 (2017) 346 – 353

N. Stolyarchuk, T. Markurt, A. Courville, K. March, O. Tottereau, P. Vennéguès, and M. Albrecht
Impact of sapphire nitridation on formation of Al-polar inversion domains in N-polar AlN epitaxial layers
Journal of Applied Physics 122, 155303 (2017)

A. Fiedler, R. Schewski, M. Baldini, Z. Galazka, G. Wagner, M. Albrecht, and K. Irmscher
Influence of incoherent twin boundaries on the electrical properties of β-Ga2O3 layers homoepitaxially grown by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy
Journal of Applied Physics 122, 165701 (2017)

C. Ehlers, R. Bansen, T. Markurt, D. Uebel, Th. Teubner, T. Boeck
Solution growth of Si on reorganized porous Si foils and on glass substrates
J. Cryst. Growth 468 (2017) 268 – 271

Biya Cai, J. Schwarzkopf, C. Feldt, J. Sellmann, T. Markurt, and R. Wördenweber
Combined impact of strain and stoichiometry on the structural and ferroelectric properties of epitaxially grown Na1+xNbO3+δ films on (110) NdGaO3
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 95, 184108 (2017)

C. Guguschev, J. Philippen, D. J. Kok, T. Markurt, D. Klimm, K. Hinrichs, R. Uecker, R. Bertram and M. Bickermann
Czochralski growth and characterization of cerium doped calcium scandate
CrystEngComm, 2017, 19, 2553!divAbstract

M. Schmidbauer, D. Braun, T. Markurt, M. Hanke, J. Schwarzkopf
Strain Engineering of Monoclinic Domains in KxNa1-xNbO3 Epitaxial Layers: A Pathway to Enhanced Piezoelectric Properties

Z. Galazka, R. Uecker, K. Irmscher, D. Klimm, R. Bertram, A. Kwasniewski, M. Naumann, R. Schewski, M. Pietsch, U. Juda, A. Fiedler, M. Albrecht,S. Ganschow, T. Markurt, C. Guguschev, M. Bickermann
Melt Growth and Properties of Bulk BaSnO3 Single Crystals
J. Phys.-CONDENS MAT 29 (2017) 075701

Wolfram Miller, Klaus Böttcher, Zbigniew Galazka and Jürgen Schreuer
Numerical Modelling of the Czochralski Growth of β-Ga2O3
Crystals 2017, 7, 26

Michele Baldini, Martin Albrecht, Andreas Fiedler, Klaus Irmscher, Robert Schewski, and G¨unter Wagner
Si- and Sn-Doped Homoepitaxial β-Ga2O3 Layers Grown by MOVPE on (010)-Oriented Substrates
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, 6 (2) Q3040-Q3044 (2017)


S. Sintonen, P. Kivisaari, S. Pimputkar, S. Suihkonen , T. Schulz, J. S. Speck, S. Nakamura
Incorporation and Effects of Impurities in Different Growth Zones Within Basic Ammonothermal GaN
J. Cryst. Growth 456 (2016) 43 - 50

R. Schewski, M. Baldini, K. Irmscher, A. Fiedler, T. Markurt, B. Neuschulz, T. Remmele, T. Schulz, G. Wagner, Z. Galazka, and M. Albrecht
Evolution of planar defects during homoepitaxial growth of β-Ga2O3 layers on (100) substrates—A quantitative model
Journal of Applied Physics 120, 225308 (2016)

B. Sadovyi, A. Nikolenko, J.L. Weyher, I. Grzegory, I. Dziecielewski, M. Sarzynski, V. Strelchuk, В. Tsykaniuk, O. Belyaev, I. Petrusha, V. Turkevich, V. Kapustianyk, M. Albrecht, S.Porowski
Diffusion of Oxygen in Bulk GaN Crystals at High Temperature and at High Pressure.
J. Cryst. Growth (2016) 35 - 42

Caroline Chèze, Marcin Siekacz, Fabio Isa, Bernd Jenichen, Felix Feix, Jakov Buller, Tobias Schulz, Martin Albrecht, Czeslaw Skierbiszewski, Raffaella Calarco, and Henning Riechert
Investigation of interface abruptness and In content in (In,Ga)N/GaN superlattices
Journal of Applied Physics 120, 125307 (2016); doi: 10.1063/1.4963273

C. Cocchi, H. Zschiesche, D. Nabok, A. Mogilatenko, M. Albrecht, Z. Galazka, H. Kirmse, C. Draxl, C.T. Koch
Atomic Signatures of Local Environment from Core-Level Spectroscopy in β-Ga2O3
Phys. Rev. B 94 (2016) 075147

S. Sintonen, S. Wahl , S. Richter, S. Meyer, S. Suihkonen, T. Schulz, K. Irmscher, A. N. Danilewsky, T. O. Tuomi, R. Stankiewicz, M. Albrecht
Evolution of Impurity Incorporation During Ammonothermal Growth of GaN
J. Cryst. Growth 456 (2016) 51 - 57

P. Schönherr, F. Zhang, D. Kojda, R. Mitdank, M. Albrecht, S.F. Fischer, T. Hesjedal
Free-Standing Millimetre-Long Bi2Te3 Sub-Micron Belts Catalyzed by TiO2 Nanoparticles.
NANOSCALE RES LETT 11 (2016) 308

D.J. Kok, C. Guguschev, T. Markurt, M. Niu, R. Bertram, M. Albrecht, K. Irmscher
Origin of Brown Coloration in Top-Seeded Solution Grown SrTiO3 Crystals.
CrystEngComm 18 (2016) 4580 - 4586

S. Mohn, N. Stolyarchuk, T. Markurt, R. Kirste, M. P. Hoffmann, R. Collazo, A. Courville, R. Di Felice, Z. Sitar, P. Vennéguès, M. Albrecht
Polarity Control in Group-III Nitrides beyond Pragmatism.
Phys. Rev. APPL (2016) 054004

F. Nippert, A. Nirschl, T. Schulz, G. Callsen, I. Pietzonka, S. Westerkamp, T. Kure, C. Nenstiel, M. Strassburg, M. Albrecht, and A.l Hoffmann
Polarization-Induced Confinement of Continuous Hole-States in Highly Pumped, Industrial-Grade, Green InGaN Quantum Wells.
J. Appl. Phys. 119 (2016) 215707

M. Baldini, M. Albrecht, A. Fiedler, K. Irmscher, D. Klimm, R. Schewski, G. Wagner
Semiconducting Sn-Doped β-Ga2O3 Homoepitaxial Layers Grown by Metal Organic Vapour-Phase Epitaxy.
J. Mater. Sci. 51 (2016) 3650 – 3656

Sergio Fernández-Garrido, Jonas Lähnemann, Christian Hauswald, Maxim Korytov, Martin Albrecht, Caroline Chèze, Czesław Skierbiszewski and Oliver Brandt
Comparison of the Luminous Efficiencies of Ga- and N-Polar InxGa1-xN=InyGa1-yN Quantum Wells Grown by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy

J. Smalc-Koziorowska, C. Bazioti, M. Albrecht and G. P. Dimitrakopulos
Stacking Fault Domains as Sources of A-Type Threading Dislocations in III-Nitride Heterostructures.
J. Appl. Phys. LETT 108 (2016) 051901

R. Bansen, C. Ehlers, Th. Teubner, T. Markurt, J. Schmidtbauer, T. Boeck
Continuous Polycrystalline Silicon Layers on Glass Grown from Tin Solutions
CrystEngComm 18 (2016) 1911 - 1917!divAbstract

F. Langhans, S. Kiefer, C. Hartmann, T. Markurt, T. Schulz, Ch. Guguschev, M. Naumann, S. Kollowa, A. Dittmar, J. Wollweber, M. Bickermann
Precipitates Originating from Tungsten Crucible Parts in AlN Bulk Crystals Grown by the PVT Method.
Cryst. Res. Technol. 51 (2016) 129 - 136

M. Baldini, M. Albrecht, A. Fiedler, K. Irmscher, R. Schewski, G. Wagner
Si- and Sn-Doped Homoepitaxial β-Ga2O3 Layers Grown by MOVPE on (010)-Oriented Substrates


G. Callsen, G. Hönig, S. Kalinowski, C. Kindel, J. Settke, D. Bostanjoglo, J. Brunnmeier, C. Nenstiel, T. Kure, F. Nippert, A. Schliwa, A. Hoffmann, T. Markurt, T. Schulz, M. Albrecht, S. Kako, M. Arita, Y. Arakawa
Analysis of the Exciton–LO-Phonon Coupling in Single Wurtzite GaN Quantum Dots.
Phys. Rev. B 92 (2015) 235439

R. Bansen, R. Heimburger, J. Schmidtbauer, T. Teubner, T. Markurt, C. Ehlers, T. Boeck
Crystalline Silicon on Glass by Steady-State Solution Growth Using Indium as Solvent.
J. Appl. Phys. A 119 (2015) 1577 - 1586

M. Baldini, M. Albrecht, D. Gogova, R. Schewski
Effect of Indium as a Surfactant in (Ga1-XInx)2O3 Epitaxial Growth on β-Ga2O3 by Metal Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy.
Semicond. Sci. Technol. 30 (2015) 024013

E. Korhonen, F. Tuomisto, D. Gogova, G. Wagner, M. Baldini, Z. Galazka, R. Schewski, M. Albrecht
Electrical Compensation by Ga Vacancies in Ga2O3 Thin Films.
J. Appl. Phys. LETT 106 (2015) 242103

R. Schewski, G. Wagner, M. Baldini, D. Gogova , Z. Glazaka, R. Uecker, T. Schulz, T. Remmele, T. Markurt, H. von Wenckstern, M. Grundmann, O. Bierwagen, P. Vogt, M. Albrecht
Epitaxial Stabilization of Pseudomorphic α-Ga2O3 on Sapphire (0001).
J. Appl. Phys. EXPRESS 8 (2015) 011101

M. Sawicka, C. Chèze, H. Turski, J. Smalc-Koziorowska, M. Kryśko, S. Kret, T. Remmele, M. Albrecht, G. Cywiński, I. Grzegory, C. Skierbiszewskia
Growth Mechanisms in Semipolar (20(2)Over-bar1) and Nonpolar M Plane (10(1)Over-bar0) AlGaN/GaN Structures Grown by PAMBE Under N-Rich Conditions.
J. Cryst. Growth 415 (2015) 184 - 191

S. Gu, Y. Lu, J. Kaiser, M. Albrecht, M. Ballauff
Kinetic Analysis of the Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol Catalyzed by Au/Pd Nanoalloys Immobilized in Spherical Polyelectrolyte Brushes.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 17 (2015) 28137 - 28143!divAbstract

D. Kojda, R. Mitdank, M. Handwerg, A. Mogilatenko, M. Albrecht, Z. Wang, J. Ruhhammer, M. Kroener, P. Woias, S. F. Fischer
Kinetic Analysis of the Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol Catalyzed by Au/Pd Nanoalloys Immobilized in Spherical Polyelectrolyte Brushes.
Phys. Rev. B 91 (2015) 024302

Z. Galazka, D. Klimm, K. Irmscher, R. Uecker, M.Pietsch, R.Bertram, M. Naumann, M. Albrecht, A. Kwasniewski, R. Schewski, M. Bickermann
MgGa2O4 as a New Wide Bandgap Transparent Semiconducting Oxide: Growth and Properties of Bulk Single Crystals.
Phys. Status Solidi A 212 (2015) 1455 - 1460

S. Bin Anooz, P. Petrik, M. Schmidbauer, T. Remmele, J. Schwarzkopf
Refractive Index and Interband Transitions in Strain Modified NaNbO3 Thin Films Grown by MOCVD.
J. Phys. D: APPL PHYS 48 (2015) 385303

D. Kojda, R. Mitdank, M. Handwerg, A. Mogilatenko, M. Albrecht, Z. Wang, J. Ruhhammer, M. Kroener, P. Woias, and S. F. Fischer
Temperature-dependent thermoelectric properties of individual silver nanowires
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 91, 024302 (2015)

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