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H.-J. Rost, R. Menzel, D. Siche, U. Juda, S. Kayser, F.M. Kießling, L. Sylla, T. Richter
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Journal of Crystal Volume 492, 15 June 2018, Pages 18-23

F. M. Kießling, T. K. Ervik, A.-K. Søiland, B. R. Henriksen
Coating Roughness Effects on the Defect Structure of mc-Si and its Comparison to High-Performance mc-Si
Cryst. Res. Technol. 2018, 53, 1700272


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J. Cryst. Growth 471 (2017) 53 – 61

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Different Nucleation Approaches for Production of High-Performance Multi-Crystalline Silicon Ingots and Solar Cells
SOL ENERG MAT SOL C 159 (2017) 128 - 135


N. Dropka, Ch. Frank-Rotsch, P. Rudolph
Influence of Peripheral Vibrations and Traveling Magnetic Fields on VGF Growth of Sb - Doped Ge Crystals
J. Cryst. Growth 453 (2016) 27 - 33

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Scale up Aspects of Directional Solidification and Czochralski Silicon Growth Processes in Traveling Magnetic Fields.
J. Cryst. Growth 451 (2016) 95 - 102


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Enhanced VGF Growth of Single- and Multi-Crystalline Semiconductors Using Pulsed TMF.
Magnetohydrodynamics 51 (2015) 149 - 156

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Scale-Up of DS-Silicon Growth Process Under TMF
8th Intern. Conference on Electromagnetic Processing of Materials, EPM 2015 proceedings, Cannes, October 2015, Eds. J. Etay, Y. Fautrelle (2015) 129 - 132

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