The Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth is engaged in the education of young talents. Therefore, we are offering vocational training in diverse fields of profession. Moreover, our scientists are supervising Bachelor-, Master and Ph.D. students with great commitment.

The institute is aware that advanced education is the key to maintaining its position as Europe's leading center for crystal growth. Thus, we offer additional and/or extended training to our staff members as required.

Training opportunities are also provided for external interested parties. Once per year we are organizing the Summer School on Crystal Growth, which is open for researchers from other institutions or from industry. In addition, we are offering special training courses for technicians and scientists on request. For further information, please contact our Science Management.



The IKZ is offering vocational training for different professions. Available positions will be posted here. However, professional skills can also be obtained by working temporarily at the institute, e.g. in the frame of a research project.

At the present time, we have apprentices for different vocations like office manager, IT systems technician and cutting machine operator. In 2016, one electronics technician for administration and maintenance has succesfully completed his training.


Young Academics


IKZ is engaged in the education and promotion of young scientists. Although industry requires qualified crystal growers, there are only few places in Germany for graduates of the material sciences, physics, chemistry or crystallography to obtain such an expertise. IKZ is one of those places. Here all crystal growth departments as well as the section “Simulation & Characterization” offer scientific education for graduates and students. Doctoral students will be able to participate in the PhD Student Day organized by Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. with seminars given on time management, scientific presentation and communication. We also offer foreign PhD students the opportunity to take courses to learn the German language.

Master and bachelor students are also welcome to do their thesis at our institute. Available PhD positions will be posted here. For requests on bachelor, master and diploma theses or other student internships please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.


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