Material Development

Our research activities focuse on a large range of artificial crystalline materials. This includes classical semiconductors, wide bandgap materials and dielectrics as well as crystalline layers and nanostructures. These activities are suuported by simulation and characterization. Our competences and services are offered to interested partners from research and industry. Furthermore, we focus on the development of growth technologies for already established crystalline materials. Particular attention will be paid to:

  • Application: Crystalline materials are literally the basis for technical innovations. With our research and development activities we would like to open the path to new applications in information technologies, power electronics, energy production and storage or in optical technologies. This includes also materials for oxide electronics. Further examples may be found in the research departments and in our special projects.
  • Quality: The commercial application of single crystals or crystalline layers often requires high structural perfection and purity of the crystals. The IKZ offers unique options for research and development of innovative crystal growth processes by interaction of crystal growth, characterization and crystal machining. These activities are complemented by our competences in equipment design and numerical modelling.
  • Efficiency: The efficiency of crystal growth processes plays an important role for commercial application. In addition to improvement of the crystalline quality, the technology development of established crystal growth methods focuses on increase of production speed and output. This can be achieved, e.g., by simultaneous growth of several crystals in one equipment, by increasing the crystal length or by enhancing the speed of crystallization while at least maintaining the crystalline quality.

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