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The Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth fosters commercial investment in patenting and licencing of inventions and discoveries coming from the research at the institute and cooperations with research partners. 



A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted for a limited period of time in exchange for a disclosure of an invention. By definition, patentable inventions must be new, useful and non-obvious. The Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth (IKZ) holds several patents in its diverse research areas. The IKZ is interested in licensing its intellectual property to industrial partners. Learn more about our patent portfolio here:

IKZ Patents

Crucible-Free Floating Zone Crystal Growth Apparatus DE19610650 A1

An Apparatus for Producing Crystals of Electrically Conductive Melting DE 102007028547 B4

A Method of Solidifying a Non-Metal Melt EP 2370617 A2,  WO 2010060802 A2, DE 102008059521 B4

Apparatus for Growing III-Nitride-Bulk Crystals EP 2154271 B1

Apparatus and Method for the Production of Silicon Ingots from the Melt by Directional Solidification DE 102009045680 B4

A Process for Producing High-Purity Crystal Blocks DE 102010028173 B4

Process and Apparatus for Producing Semiconductor Single Crystals EP2504470 B1

Device Useful for Positioned Crystallization of Crystals from Electrically Conductive Melting, Which Are Located in Two Crucibles, Comprises Magnetic Heater Module Comprising Two Vertically Stacked Heater Magnetic Coils, Which Have Windings DE 102012204313 B3

Crystallization System and Crystallization Method for Manufacturing a Block of a Material Whose Melt Is Electrically Conductive DE 102010041061 B4

The Method of Growing Crystals from Electrically Conductive Melts, Which Crystallize in the Diamond or Zinc Blende Structure DE102009027436 B4

Method for the Solidification of a Non-Metal Melt US 20110309555 A1, EP 2370617 B1

Crystallization Plant and Crystallization Processes DE 102009046845 A1

Method and Apparatus for Producing Single Crystals of Semiconductor Material DE 102010052522 A1, EP 2504470 A1, US 20120285369 A1, WO 2011063795 A1

Method and Apparatus for Growing Indium Oxide (In2O3) Single Crystals and Indium Oxide (In2O3) Single Crystal EP 2841630 A1, WO 2013159808 A1

Model Predictive Control of Zone Melting Method DE 102012108009 A1

Device for Non-Crucible Zone Pulling of Crystal Rods DE2013000627, WO 2014075650 A1

Crystallization Plant and Crystallization Process for Crystallization from Electrically Conductive Melts and the Procedures Available Ingots DE 102013211769 A1

Apparatus and Method for the Production of Ingots DE 112012004967 T5


We are interested to licence our proprietary know-how to third parties. Therefore, we are offering different models for extent as well as payment modalities. This includes upfront payments as well as proportional revenues.

Please feel free to contact us directly for further information.


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