"March 2019:Big deal for little female researchers - Girls'Day 2019 at IKZ"

GirlsDay2019Participants of this year's Girls'Day visit the growing hall for oxide crystals at the IKZ | Photo: Torsten Boeck, IKZ

Immerse yourself in the wonder world of crystals for one day. This was the aim of 10 young girls aged between 10 and 14 years. On 28.03.2019 they spent an exciting day at the IKZ.

In the frame of the Girls´Day 2019 the little researchers of tomorrow learned how crystals accompany them in their everyday lives and that our modern, digital world would simply not function without crystals. Together with our young scientists, L. Bogula, L. Matiwe, O. Ernst, and D. D. Uebel, small crystals were diligently grown by themselves and looked at through the microscope. After that the small researchers were shown how the things looks like in our growing halls in a big way.

In addition to the important question of what polar bears and solar cells have in common, many other questions that interested girls had on their minds were answered. As a big surprise everyone could be happy about a real crystal for home.


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