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Tamino Hirsch, Detlef Klimm, Christo Guguschev, Albert Kwasniewski, Steffen Ganschow
Investigation of the Nd 2 O 3 –Lu 2 O 3 –Sc 2 O 3 phase diagram for the preparation of perovskite-type mixed crystals NdLu 1-x Sc x O 3
Journal of Crystal Growth 505 (2019) 38–43

Zbigniew Galazka, Steffen Ganschow, Robert Schewski, Klaus Irmscher, Detlef Klimm Albert Kwasniewski, Mike Pietsch, Andreas Fiedler, Isabelle Schulze-Jonack, Martin Albrecht,Thomas Schröder, and Matthias Bickermann
Ultra-wide bandgap, conductive, high mobility, and high quality melt-grown bulk ZnGa2O4 single crystals
APL Mater. 7, 022512 (2019)


Andrea Dittmar, Jürgen Wollweber, Martin Schmidbauer, Detlef Klimm, Carsten Hartmann, Matthias Bickermann
Physical vapor transport growth of bulk Al1-xScxN single crystals
Journal of Crystal Growth 500 (2018) 74–79

N. Dropka, I. Buchovska, I. Herrmann-Geppert, D. Klimm, F. M.Kiessling, U. Degenhardt
Towards graphite-free hot zone for directional solidification of silicon
Journal of Crystal Volume 492, 15 June 2018, Pages 18-23

Detlef Klimm, Max Schmidt, Nora Wolff, Christo Guguschev, Steffen Ganschow
On melt solutions for the growth of CaTiO3 crystals
Journal of Crystal Growth 486 (2018) 117–121

Julia Hidde, Christo Guguschev, Steffen Ganschow, Detlef Klimm
Thermal conductivity of rare-earth scandates in comparison to other oxidic substrate crystals
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 738 (2018) 415e421

Widely tunable, efficient 2 μm laser in monocrystalline Tm3+:SrF2
OPTICS EXPRESS 5368 Vol. 26, No. 5

Nora Wolff, Detlef Klimm, Dietmar Siche
Thermodynamic investigations on the growth of CuAlO2 delafossite crystals
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 258 (2018) 495–500

S. A. Palomares-Sanchez, B. E. Watts, D. Klimm, A. Baraldi, A. Parisini, S. Vantaggio, R. Fornari
Sol-gel growth and characterization of In2O3 thin films
Thin Solid Films Volume 645, 1 January 2018, Pages 383-390


R. Fornari, M. Pavesi, V. Montedoro, D. Klimm, F. Mezzadri, I. Cora, B. Pécz, F. Boschi, A. Parisini, A. Baraldi, C. Ferrari, E. Gombia, M. Bosi
Thermal stability of ε-Ga2O3 polymorph
Acta Mater. 140 (2017) 411 - 416

M. F. Acosta, R. I. Merino, S. Ganschow, D. Klimm
Solidification of NaCl–LiF–CaF2 ternary composites
J. Mater. Sci. 52 (2017) 5520 – 5530

Z. Galazka, R. Uecker, D. Klimm, K. Irmscher, M. Naumann, M. Pietsch, A. Kwasniewski, R. Bertram, S. Ganschow, M. Bickermann
Scaling-Up of Bulk β-Ga2O3 Single Crystals by the Czochralski Method
ECS J SOLID STATE SCI TECHN 6 (2017) Q3007 - Q3011

D. Klimm
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Aspects of Crystal Growth
in: Handbook of Solid State Chemistry

D. Klimm, C. Guguschev, D. J. Kok, M. Naumann, L. Ackermann, D. Rytz, M. Peltz, K. Dupré, M. D. Neumann, A. Kwasniewski, D. G. Schlom, M. Bickermann
Crystal growth and characterization of the pyrochlore Tb2Ti2O7
CrystEngComm 19 (2017) 3908 - 3914!divAbstract

C. Guguschev, J. Philippen, D. J. Kok, T. Markurt, D. Klimm, K. Hinrichs, R. Uecker, R. Bertram and M. Bickermann
Czochralski growth and characterization of cerium doped calcium scandate
CrystEngComm, 2017, 19, 2553!divAbstract

P. Fielitz, K. Kelm, R. Bertram, A. H. Chokshi, G. Borchardt
Aluminium-26 grain boundary diffusion in pure and Y-doped polycrystalline a-alumina
Acta Mater. 127 (2017) 302 - 311

J. Philippen, C. Guguschev, D. Klimm
Single Crystal Fiber Growth of Cerium Doped Strontium Yttrate, SrY2O4:Ce3+
J. Cryst. Growth 459 (2017) 17 - 22

Marıa F. Acosta, Rosa I. Merino, Steffen Ganschow, and Detlef Klimm
Solidification of NaCl–LiF–CaF2ternary composites
J Mater Sci (2017) 52:5520–5530

R. Uecker, R. Bertram, M. Brützam, Z. Galazka, T. M. Gesing, C. Guguschev, D. Klimm, M. Klupsch, A. Kwasniewski, D. G. Schlom
Large-Lattice-Parameter Perovskite Single-Crystal Substrates
J. Cryst. Growth 457 (2017) 137 - 142

Z. Galazka, R. Uecker, K. Irmscher, D. Klimm, R. Bertram, A. Kwasniewski, M. Naumann, R. Schewski, M. Pietsch, U. Juda, A. Fiedler, M. Albrecht,S. Ganschow, T. Markurt, C. Guguschev, M. Bickermann
Melt Growth and Properties of Bulk BaSnO3 Single Crystals
J. Phys.-CONDENS MAT 29 (2017) 075701

T. Yerebakan, U. Demirbas, S. Eggert, R. Bertram, P. Reiche, A. Leitenstorfer
Red-Diode-Pumped Cr:Nd:GSGG Laser: Two-Colormode-Locked Operation
J OPT SOC AM B 34 (2017) 1023 - 1032


D. Klimm
Scintillator Crystals.
in book: S. Hashmi, Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering, Elsevier, Oxford (2016) 1 - 7 ISBN: 978-0-12-803581-8

S. Ganschow, A. Kwasniewski, D. Klimm
Conditions for the Growth of Fe1-xO Crystals Using the Micro-Pulling-Down Technique.
J. Cryst. Growth 450 (2016) 203-206

T. Hirsch, R. Uecker, D. Klimm
Reevaluation of phase relations in the chemical system neodymium lutetium oxide NdLuO3
Cryst. Res. Technol. 52 (2017) 1600237

Tamino Hirsch, Reinhard Uecker, and Detlef Klimm
Reevaluation of phase relations in the chemical system neodymium lutetium oxide NdLuO3
Cryst. Res. Technol., 1–7 (2016)

D.J. Kok, C. Guguschev, T. Markurt, M. Niu, R. Bertram, M. Albrecht, K. Irmscher
Origin of Brown Coloration in Top-Seeded Solution Grown SrTiO3 Crystals.
CrystEngComm 18 (2016) 4580 - 4586

F. Kamutzki, C. Guguschev, D.J. Kok, R. Bertram, U. Juda, R. Uecker
The influence of oxygen partial pressure in the growth atmosphere on the coloration of SrTiO3 single crystal fibers.
CrystEngComm 18 (2016) 5658-5666!divAbstract

M. Baldini, M. Albrecht, A. Fiedler, K. Irmscher, D. Klimm, R. Schewski, G. Wagner
Semiconducting Sn-Doped β-Ga2O3 Homoepitaxial Layers Grown by Metal Organic Vapour-Phase Epitaxy.
J. Mater. Sci. 51 (2016) 3650 – 3656

L. Ahrem, G. Scholz, R. Bertram, E. Kemnitz
Thermal Evolution of 4- and 5‑Fold Coordinated Al-Sites in Aluminum Hydroxide Fluorides with Low Fluorination Degree.
J. Phys. Chem. 120 (2016) 9236 - 9244

Y. Suhak, M. Schulz, H. Wulfmeier, W.L. Johnson, A. Sotnikov, H. Schmidt, S. Ganschow, D. Klimm, H. Fritze
Langasite-Type Resonant Sensors for Harsh Environments.
MRS ADVANCES 21 (2016) 1513 - 1518

D. Klimm
Growth of Bulk ZnO.
in book: S. Hashmi, Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering., Elsevier, Oxford (2016) 1 - 18 ISBN: 978-0-12-803581-8

H. Wulfmeier, A. Omelcenko, D. Albrecht, D. Klimm, W. El Mofid, M. Strafela, S. Ulrich, A. Bund, H. Fritze
Thermal Stability of Materials for Thin-Film Electrochemical Cells Investigated by Thin-Film Calorimetry.
MRS Advances 1 (2016) 1043 - 1049

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