Dielectrics & Wide Bandgap Materials

Wide bandgap semiconductors contribute essentially to new applications in the field of photonics and power electronics. Oxide crystals are not only used as a dielectric or as optical material; their semiconducting or ferroelectric properties form the basis of novel oxide electronics that provides surpassing functionalities. The department of 'Dielectrics and Wide Bandgap Materials' is focused on the preparation of nitride, oxide, and fluoride bulk crystals for the fields of application mentioned above.

We work on the preparation of bulk crystals with unprecedented structural quality, and we develop material-specific growth technologies that might be transferred to industry. A key aspect is the control of electrical and optical properties through suitable techniques of growth, doping, and characterization. Our crystals are used e.g. in fundamental studies in material physics and as substrates in epitaxy for the preparation of novel devices.

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The team 'Aluminum Nitride' (AlN) is concerned with technology development of AlN bulk crystal growth suitable for industrial adoption. AlN single crystals are employed as substrates for deep-UV optoelectronics (Advanced UV for Life). In addition, we investigate the preparation of in-situ doped AlN crystals and the application of AlN crystals for fast power electronics and high-temperature sensor technology. The team 'Gallium Nitride' (GaN) investigates the preparation of doped GaN crystals by chemical vapor transport.

The team „Oxides and Fluorides“ has unique expertise in Czochralski growth of oxide bulk crystals with perovskite structure, such as strontium titanate SrTiO3 and rare earth scandates (REScO3), as substrates for multiferroic thin films. Another key aspect if the preparation of transparent semiconducting oxides, such as β-Ga2O3 and In2O3, as bulk single crystals (Leibniz Science Campus 'GraFOx'). These activities are complemented by the preparation of langasite-type oxides for high-temperature piezoelectric sensors, the growth of complex oxides and fluorides for lasers and nonlinear optics, and the preparation of benchmark crystals, e.g. for geological and battery research.


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