Working Group Aluminium Nitride - Publications

F. Langhans, S. Kiefer, C. Hartmann, T. Markurt, T. Schulz, Ch. Guguschev, M. Naumann, S. Kollowa, A. Dittmar, J. Wollweber, M. Bickermann
Precipitates Originating from Tungsten Crucible Parts in AlN Bulk Crystals Grown by the PVT Method.     
CRYST RES TECHNOL 51 (2016) 129 - 136            

C. Hartmann, J. Wollweber, S. Sintonen, A. Dittmar, L. Kirste, S. Kollowa, K. Irmscher, M. Bickermann
Preparation of Deep UV Transparent AlN Substrates with High Structural Perfection for Optoelectronic Devices.
CRYSTENGCOMM (2016) 3488 - 3497

M. Bickermann
Growth and Properties of Bulk AlN. 
In: M. Kneissl and J. Rass (eds.), III-Nitride Ultraviolet Emitters - Technology and Applications, Springer Series in Materials Science 227 (2016), S. 27 - 46

W. Guo, J. Kundin, M. Bickermann, H. Emmerich
A Study of the Step-flow Growth of the PVT-grown AlN Crystals by Multi-scale Modeling Method.
CRYSTENGCOMM 29 (2014) 6564 - 6577

C. Hartmann, A. Dittmar, J. Wollweber, M. Bickermann
Bulk AlN Growth by Physical Vapour Transport.
SEMICOND SCI TECH  29 (2014) 084002

M. Woll, M. Burianek, D. Klimm, S. Gorfman, M. Mühlberg
Characterization of (Bi0.5Na0.5)1-xBaxTiOGrown by the TSSG Method.
J CRYST GROWTH 401 (2014) 351 - 354

Martens, F. Mehnke, C. Kuhn, C. Reich, V. Kueller, A. Knauer, C. Netzel, C. Hartmann, J. Wollweber, J. Rass, T. Wernicke, M. Bickermann, M. Weyers, M. Kneissl
Performance Characteristics of UV-C AlGaN Quantum Well Lasers Grown on Sapphire and Bulk AlN Substrates.
IEEE PHOTONIC TECH L 26 (2014) 342 - 345

T. Paskova, M. Bickermann
Vapor Transport Growth of Wide Bandgap Materials.
In: P. Rudolph (ed.), Handbook of Crystal Growth, Bulk Crystal Growth - Basic Technologies, 2nd Edition, Vol. 2a (2014), 209 - 240

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