Working Group Crystal Machining - Summary

The most important task of the group Crystal machining is the sample preparation for routine characterization and material diagnostics of the in-house grown crystals. Special requirements on sample geometry and surface parameters such result from the wide spectrum of materials with a wide range of mechanical properties and sample sizes.
Another major task is the preparation of crystallographically oriented seed crystals and substrates with precise orientation for use in crystal growth. A further complex is the development of cutting and surface preparation technologies and instructions especially for new materials grown at the institute.

Fourthly, ambitious service and research orders from industry, universities and other research institutes are fulfilled reaching from the supply of machined samples up to the development of technologies and related documentations.

Working Group Crystal Machining - Methods

The preparation of crystals for semiconductor and optical applications, for diagnostics or as substrates for epitaxial processes requires high-precision machining. Whatever the application or material, each sample or wafer undergoes several stages during manufacture, which include formatting, slicing the wafer from the crystal and preparing the surface using different grinding, lapping and polishing techniques.

The methods used in our group include:

  • Crystal Orientation using X-ray techniques 
  • Crystal Cutting and wafering by different methods (single and multi-diamond wire and inner diameter diamond sawing)
  • Wafer Grinding with diamond tools
  • Wafer Lapping with various abrasives (aluminum oxide, cerium oxide, silicon carbide, boron carbide, diamond) in different particle sizes and suspensions
  • Mechanical and Chemo-Mechanical Polishing
  • Surface Characterization by light microscopy, confocal microscopy (CFM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning electron microscopy (REM) and various X-ray techniques
  • Determination of standard wafer geometry and surface parameters like thickness, bow, evenness, parallelism, roughness etc.

Working Group Crystal Machining - Services

  • Machining of crystalline and other solid state materials (cutting, lapping, polishing, formatting)
  • Preparation of crystallographically oriented seed crystals and substrates
  • Development of preparation technologies and related documentations

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