Range of Applications

Crystals are an essential part of our modern world and the world is inconceivably without crystals. They form the basis for power and microelectronics, photovoltaics and optical devices. With its research, the Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth makes a significant contribution to development in areas of application relevant to society such as the environment, transportation, communication and information.

The materials developed at the institute can be used in the following areas, among others:

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The world today is hardly imaginable without the internet. Modern wireless technology would be inconceivable without crystals.

Crystals are also indispensable in fiber-optic communication, where they are used as transmitters and receivers, converting electrical signals to optical and vice versa.


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The increasing production of energy from renewable sources and the conservation of natural resources play an essential role in the 21st century.
Our crystals are used in wind turbines as well as in electric vehicles.

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Silicon in particular plays an important role in the photovoltaic industry. Today, silicon crystals are mainly used in solar modules commercially.



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Our modern world would be inconceivable without computers, smartphones, tablets, data storage devices etc.

In this context, silicon bulk crystals have a special position. Silicon crystals are often used in modern microelectronics due to their perfection, reproducibility and cost-effective production.


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Sensors & Detectors

In the field of safety and environmental control, crystals are used for the detection of gases or soot particles.
They are used in night vision devices or thermal imaging cameras, but also in radiation detectors such as X-ray detectors.
The crystal-based sensors for measuring the combustion pressure in the engines are widely used in automotive industry.



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Light Sources

Nowadays light-emitting diodes (LEDs), have become widely accepted among illuminants. However, the applications here are more diverse. In addition to simple LEDs in e. g. traffic lights, these are also used in LUV LED spotlights, UV-LED hardeners or in UV-LED water sterilization.




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Medical Technology

Medical technology uses crystals in e.g. ultrasound devices, surgical lasers, endoscopes, X-ray tomographs or HDTV cameras.



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Laser Applications

Laser materials for solid-state lasers are used in various areas:

In the medical field, they are used in laser scalpels, eye lasers or in lasers for tattoo removal.
High-power lasers are especially needed for material processing.
Laser crystals can also be found in laser pointers.



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High-Frequency Technology

In addition to applications in satellite communication or radar equipment, crystals are also used in body scanners, such as those used in the airports or in radio-frequency remote controls.



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