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Working at the IKZ

The Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ) Berlin is one of the leading institutes in the field of growth and preparation of crystalline solids. These materials provide the basis for e.g. photovoltaics, micro-, opto-, and power electronics, in sensors, optics, and laser technology. The research topics span from fundamental research and development to growth technologies applicable in industry.

You want to work with us?

The colleagues at IKZ - scientists, technicians, young researchers and administrative staff - constitute the institute's success. Our strength is based on their long-term expertise and knowledge. Teaching and training of new team members is the key for future success. The IKZ is dedicated to care for work-life balance and equal opportunities employment and is audited with certificate.

Open positions from all IKZ areas are published on the IKZ homepage and on the Homepage of the Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. as well as in the common recruitment portals. For more information and details please contact me by email or call me by phone.

PhD and student theses at the IKZ

Avantage of conducting theses work at the IKZ:

PhD study:The IKZ has set up its own guidelines for advising PhD students. PhD students have one scientific advisor and they are full members of the respective team. Supervision and development of a work plan is performed with an individual advisory committee constisting of at least the IKZ director, the scientific advisor/team head, and the university professor (typically from the IKZ). Finishing experimental work within three years is encouraged. The IKZ has a PhD seminar also featuring events like summer barbecue. Salary is based on government employment tables (TvöD).

Bachelor and Master theses: Bachelor and Master works are always welcome! Supervision is done by IKZ professors if the regulation of the study course allow for that, or by an external advisor upon request. There are always topics and ides for theses, but we also take into account the personal preferences of the students. Please get in contect if interested!

"Forschungspraktikum": The mandatory research exercise work (Forschungspraktikum) in the Institute for Chemistry's Master course can be conducted at the IKZ. For details please refer to the module description.

Student assistant: On a timed basis, we often need student assistants (HiWis). This is a good chance for getting in closer contact with the IKZ! On request, there are possibilities to perform a limited amount of (paid) assistant work in conjunction with a regular Bachelor or Master thesis work.

Look here for a list of finished PhD and student works (including Forschungspraktika).

For more information and details please contact me by email or call me by phone.