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Lecture on Crystal Growth at the TU Berlin

Matthias Bickermann presents.

I am providing a Lecture on 'Fundamentals, Methods, and Applications of Crystal Growth' (in German) at the TU Berlin, Institute for Chemistry (room C230, every Tuesday at 4.15 p.m. during the lecturing season).

The lecture spans over theory and practice of bulk single crystal growth, including content from crystal chemistry, crystallography/crystal physics, and process engineering.

All information regarding the lecture is available here and in the ISIS repository of TU Berlin.

The lecture is a module in the master study of chemistry and recommended for the directions of 'materials-related chemistry', 'synthesis and catalysis', and 'technical chemistry'. But the lecture is also dedicated and recommended as a additional course ('Wahlfach') for one or two semester for master students in chemistry, technical chemistry, physics, mineralogy, or materials science.

The oral exam is credited with 3 ECTS for each semester; for the second (winter) part, attending the excursion and growth experiment at the IKZ is also mandatory.

Official descriptions of the modules (in German):

Lecture topics:

  1. Importance of Crystal Growth for Research and Society
  2. Crystal Growth of Silicon
  3. Crystal Growth Fundamentals: Thermodynamics and Phase Diagrams
  4. Crystal Growth Fundamentals: Nucleation and Growth
  5. Crystal Growth from the Melt
  6. Crystal Growth from Solution
  7. Crystal Growth from Vapor
  8. Crystal chemistry and Structures
  9. Real Structure and Defects in Crystals
  10. Crystal Physics and Applications for Crystals
  11. Epitaxy Methods
  12. Mini exercise: YAG fiber pulling (at the IKZ)

The topics 1 to 5 are presented in the summer semester, topics 6 to 12 in the winter semester, respectively. The presentation sheets are available for students at https://www.isis.tu-berlin.de/2.0/course/view.php?id=1620.

Research Internship on Crystal Growth

I am offering Research Internships on Crystal Growth for master students in chemistry. The project (Forschungspraktikum) spans over one semester (13 ECTS) and is conducted at the IKZ. Appropriate topics provide experimental research in crystal growth, epitaxy, preparation and/or characterizaton, or chemical and thermodynamic analysis of compounds and high temperature processes. Applicable topics are based on the current fields of research of the research teams at IKZ.

Official description of the module (in German):

In the same way, the teams are also open to host research internships for students in chemical engineering (Projektpraktikum für Chemieingenieure) of the TU Berlin, of universities of applied sciences, or in the context of international student exchange programs (e.g. Erasmus+). I can act as their academic host and advisor.

Other lectures, seminars etc.

I am contributing to the annual cross-topic series of lectures (Ringvorlesung) of the Institute for Chemistry at the TU Berlin, held during each winter semester. In my part of the lecture, I present the scientific topics at the IKZ and the research performed by my research teams.

During the winter semesters 2014-15 and 2015-6, I have contributed to the seminar "Chemistry - Alchemy - Art", which was dedicated to students of Chemistry and Architecture (lead: Prof. Stefanie Bürkle). In this seminar, we have introduced the philosophies of chemistry (as a natural science) and alchemy and discussed attempts to describe the resulting force field in the areas of arts. Based on these findings, the students derived a concept and were engaged in the realisation as a project of sculpture. The seminar is not provided anymore.

The PhD seminar of the IKZ is an internal meeting for PhD students at the IKZ, with presentations, excursins, soft skill seminars and outside barbecues during summertime. It is only open to PhD students working at the IKZ.