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My research interests

As part of a "joint appointment", my place of service is at the Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ) Berlin. There I am head of the department for "Volume Crystals" and lead the section "Oxides and Fluorides". I will briefly introduce the section topics in the next section.

I am also actively involved in other research activities at IKZ. In particular, I am involved in the topics of "Aluminium Nitride" and "Laser Materials".

Research interest

  1. Melt and flux growth of oxides and fluorides for optical, piezoelectric and laser crystals, and as substrates for novel electronic devices.
  2. Growth and characterization of wide-bandgap semiconductor bulk crystals. These crystals are used as substrate material in semiconductor technology.
  3. Growth and characterization technologies, correlation between preparation and properties of bulk single crystals in a general sense.

Department "Volume Crystals"

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The department aims to prepare and provide single crystal materials with tailored properties and high yield for use as substrates or components in novel and energy-efficient electronic, optoelectronic, optical/laser, and piezo-/ferroelectric applications. For anticipated industrial application we are fulfilling purity and structural quality constraints while working on reproducibility and yield. We also use our competence to provide unique crystals as a service for materials research.

Research activities

Our materials portfolio ranges from elementary (Si, Ge) and compound semiconductors (GaAs, InP) to the novel oxide semiconductors (e.g. β-Ga2O3), oxide substrates for films with novel functionalities (e.g. strained ferroelectrics), and bulk optical, laser (including fluorides), and piezoelectric crystals. We specialize in high temperature melt growth techniques such as Czochralski, Floating Zone, Bridgman/VGF and EFG. Tailored materials, growth conditions, and numerical modeling are employed to optimize the growth process.

Section "Oxides and Fluorides"

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The section specializes in the bulk growth of oxide and fluoride single crystals. Such crystals are used as substrates for ferroelectric and oxide electronic applications as well as optical, piezoelectric, or laser components. We also prepare reference and benchmark samples to enable studies on the properties of materials with highest structural perfection and purity. Through collaborations and service to companies and research institutions we provide the materials basis for many research projects inside and outside IKZ.

Research activities

In our section, we develop single crystal substrates of oxide semiconductors such as β-Ga2O3. We prepare oxide crystals with perovskite structure as lattice-matched substrates e.g. for strained ferroelectric layers or thin films comprising new functionalities. We research tailored oxide and fluoride crystals for optical applications and lasers. And we provide thermochemical analysis and develop tailored growth techniques to enable crystal growth of novel compounds.

Research topics in my group ("section")

Further research topics

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