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Research activities
One of our PVT growth reactors

Research interest

  1. Melt and flux growth of oxides and fluorides for optical, piezoelectric and laser crystals, and as substrates for novel electronic devices.
  2. Growth and characterization of wide-bandgap semiconductor bulk crystals. These crystals are used as substrate material in semiconductor technology.
  3. Growth and characterization technologies, correlation between preparation and properties of bulk single crystals in a general sense.

My professional tasks

I'm not only professor at the TU Berlin, my work and research place is the department of 'dielectrics and wide band-gap materials' at the Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ) Berlin.

At the IKZ, I lead and coordinate the groups "Oxides/Fluorides" and "Aluminum Nitride". As Deputy of the Director I also care about the IKZ Technical Service teams.

My research topics


This long-established research team develops and prepares various different oxidic and fluoridic crystals, mainly for the following fields of application: substrate crystals for semiconducting oxide electronics (Ga2O3, In2O3, SnO2), substrate crystals for perowskite epitaxial layers (ferroelectric, multiferroic, and superconducting layers), preparation of high-temperature piezoelectric crystals (LiNbO3, LiTaO3, Langasites), and Laser as well as UV nonlinear optical crystals. Also crystals can be prepared "on demand", as service for institutes and comanies. The team is specialized on high-temperature Czochralski and flux/solution growth methods, but also Bridgman, µ-pulling-down and LHPG (laser heated pedestal growth) furaces are used to grow bulk or fiber crystals. The research team is led by Dr. Steffen Ganschow.

Please take a look at the IKZ homepage for further information.

Aluminum nitride (AlN)

This team works on gas phase growth and characterisation of aluminum nitride crystals, a promising substrate material for UV optoelectronic applications and potentially high temperature and power electronics. Research aims at developing of an industrially relevant growth technology. We focus on reproducibility, diameter enlargement, and defect reduction, but also on control of electrical and optical properties, preparation of pure starting materials, and preparation of tailored hot-zone parts (e.g. TaC crucibles, novel thermal insulation etc.). Thus, we're also interested in the fundamental mechanisms of doping and defect formation/evolution. The research team is led by Dr. Thomas Straubinger.

Please take a look at the IKZ homepage for further information.

Projects in my department

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