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Lecturing Overview
Presentation of Matthias Bickermann on a conference in Japan (2018)

As a university professor, I provide lectures at the Institute for Chemistry of the Technische Universität Berlin The supervision of PhD, Master, and Bachelor theses is generally conducted at the Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ) in Berlin-Adlershof where I work.

Since summer 2012, I give a lecture on 'Fundamentals, methods, and applications of crystal growth' at the TU Berlin, which spans over two semesters. The lecture is a ECTS recognized module in the master study of chemistry and recommended for the directions of 'materials-related chemistry', 'synthesis and catalysis', and 'technical chemistry'. But the lecture is also dedicated and recommended as a 'Wahlfach' for master students in chemistry, technical chemistry, physics, or materials science.

Additionally, I present the science of crystal growth in the series of lectures by different speakers for master students in chemistry and I contribute to interdisciplinary university projects and lectures. More details are found on the subsequent pages.

Voluntary work in University Committees

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