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Public activities and outreach

Public Lectures and Public Science

The transfer of science to the public is an important task - and who knows exactly, how crystals are grown and what they can be used for? I give talks and presentations for the open public about crystal growth and applications of crystalline materials, e.g.

Feel free to request me for a presentation at your event!

Conferences and expert workshops at IKZ

Many events for scientists are held at the IKZ. We invite internationally renowned scientists to presentations and annually present an "IKZ International Guest Fellowship Award". I myself are also involved in the organisation of conferences, workshops and schools, which we hold at the IKZ or in Berlin (most recent first):

At these workshops we organize everything ourselves (including the website), so that there is a family atmosphere! I also provide a list of my worldwide assistance in organizing workshops and conferences.

Commitment in Adlershof

Das IGAFA-Logo

I am thrilled by the possibilities and networking on the Adlershof campus, which has been shaped by WISTA. The research institutions in Adlershof have networked at IGAFA e.V. and maintain close relations with the local faculty of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the Technologiekreis Adlershof e.V. and the htw Berlin. The IGAFA was also significantly involved in the founding of Berlin Research 50 (BR50 e.V.), the representation of the interests of non-university research institutions in Berlin.

I have been working on the board of IGAFA e.V. since 2015. I am pictured as one of the Adlershofer Köpfe and as one of the "Brains of Berlin". I am also visible through the following activities:

IKZ Summer schools

I had organized the annual IKZ summer school in 2012-2016. For one week, 4-5 lectures by a renowned expert on crystal growth or related topics are held. The lectures are open to the public.