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Past Lectures and Seminars

In the following I have listed lectures and seminars which I have held and organized during my time in Erlangen (1996-2011).

Lecture "Characterisation of Semiconductor Materials I+II"

Klausurtagung in Silberbach 2009

The lecture "Characterisation of Semiconductor Materials I+II" was developed by me and held between 2009 and 2011 at the chair of Materials Science 6 at the University of Erlangen. The skill target is to establish the understanding of important methods for characterisation of semiconductor materials that are used to determine properties in F&E as well as in quality assurance. The focus is on evaluation of bulk crystals and substrates, but thin film metrology is also covered.

The lecture presents characterization methods including their fundament of solid state physics, common set-ups and practical measurements and results. The first part of the lecture is devoted to methods revealing the structural properties of semiconductor materials. The second part deals with measuring the band structure (electronic and excitonic properties) and the phononic, chemical and electrical properties. This are the topics covered by the lecture:

Lecture "Basics of Electrical Engineering Materials I+II"

Optische Absorption: Aufbau und Vanadium-Übergänge

This lecture was the main course for master students at the Chair of Materials Scinece 6 and was introducing the most important concepts of applied solid state physics to the materials scientists that are basically engineers. After assisting Prof. Winnacker for years, I lectured this course myself from summer 2008 to summer 2009 and provided own summary slides. After that, the new chair Prof. C. J. Brabec took over and adapted the lecture to his new fields of research. I provided the lowwowing topics:

Live Exercises for "Basics of EEM I+II"

The lecture above was accompanied by live exercieses. These were highly appreciated by the students; in summer 2007 my exercises were ranked 3 out of 16 from small group exercises at the Faculty for Engineering at the University of Erlangen. This is a sample exercise catalog that was tought by me 2009/2010:

Lecture "Instrumental Analytics / Measurement Technology"

This lecture was provided for students of Nanotechnology by the Chair of Glass und Ceramics (Materials Science 3) and I designed it together with Cordt Zollfrank und Ulrike Deisinger. Within the lecture, basics in measurement technology and data evaluation are taught, and different techniques of measuring physical properties widely used in nanotechnology are presented. Additionally, the students had to prepare posters on different measurement techniques. They presented and evaluated their posters at the end of the semester during a poster session.

I presared the following lectures for this course:

Main Seminar for Graduate Students of EEM

Main EEM seminar participants 2007 From 2004 to 2012 I was in charge of organizing the main seminar for graduate students (8th semester) that have chosen Electrically Engineering Materials / EEM (since 2010 Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology / MEET) as their main or side topic. Due to the rising number of students, a team was formed which shared the supervision of students. I assembled the program, led the seminar, and lectured an additional lesson on 'How to find literature in the world wide web'.

Annual PhD Students Retreat of EEM

Attendees of the Retreat in Pappenheim 2004 Once in a year, the scientific staff of the workgroup of Prof. Dr. A. Winnacker and Prof. Dr. P. Wellmann went on a three-day retreat. Every participant gave a lecture related to the main topic that was heading the retreat. Additionally, we had much leisure time together and scheduled at least one excursion. I was in charge of organizing the retreats from 2004 through 2009 (after that, the Retreats were discontinued). I assembled the program, organized the location, the excursion, and maintained the website.

Supervision of Student's Laboratory Exercises

Since my time as a doctoral student, I have supervised individual internship experiments for students of materials science and nanotechnology in Erlangen - from the maintenance and improvement of the experimental setup, the preparation of the scripts, the initial and final exam to the actual experimental support.