Job vacancies

QualificationPositionApplication deadlineJob vacancy from

QualificationPhD student (m/f/d)Position PhD position “High-melting oxide crystals for solid-state lasers” Job vacancy21.01.2022Application deadline28.02.2022

QualificationTechnician (m/f/d)PositionSystem administrator Job vacancy20.01.2022Application deadline

QualificationPhD student (m/f/d)Position PhD position “In-situ 4D STEM of memristive switching” Job vacancy14.01.2022Application deadline28.02.2022

QualificationResearch associate (m/f/d)PositionScience Advisor "Technology Sovereignty" Job vacancy10.01.2022Application deadline04.02.2022

QualificationPhD student (m/f/d)Position PhD position “In-situ calorimetry in the transmission electron microscope” Job vacancy10.01.2022Application deadline04.02.2022

QualificationPhD student (m/f/d)PositionPhD position “In-situ studies of plastic relaxation in InGaN buffers serving as substrates” Job vacancy10.01.2022Application deadline18.02.2022

QualificationPhD student (m/f/d) | Postdoc (m/f/d)PositionPhD position “Machine learning supported optimisation of Czochralski crystal growth” Job vacancy22.12.2021Application deadline31.01.2022

QualificationStudent, pupilPositionWe regularly offer internships at various working groups of our institute as well as Bachelor and Master Theses Job vacancy01.08.2021Application deadline

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