Strategic Science Management

The transfer of knowledge and technology simplifies access to the latest development results for industry and external partners. In addition to basic research, the successful transfer of our results into application is the ultimate aim of our work. There are various options available to interested parties. These include, for example, the transfer of know-how or the licensing of patented inventions and technologies.

We also work with schools or other research institutions to share our knowledge and services with a wider community.

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The science management supports research and technology development at the Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ) in many ways. This unit represents the bridge between basic and applied research carried out at the IKZ and industry as well as the general public.

We are the contact partner for interested parties from research and industry for knowledge and technology transfer and the scientific and technical services of the institute.

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Dr. Maike Schröder

Dr. Maike Schröder

Ph. +49 30 6392 3008