Department Nanostructures & Layers


The synergy of massive single crystals and layers or nanostructures enables the IKZ to develop materials with tailor-made properties, e.g. by means of strain engineering or anisotropy. The department is particularly interested in understanding of growth mechanisms for highly functional materials in microelectronics, sensor technology, data storage, photovoltaics and quantum computing.

Research activities

The department focuses on the growth and characterization of nanostructures, mono- and polycrystalline semiconductor and oxide layers, on the development of crystal growth and analysis methods as well as on the modeling of nucleation and growth processes. For the growth of thin films and nanostructures modern deposition techniques such as metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE), molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), and pulsed laser deposition (PLD) are applied.

Head of Department
Dr. Jutta Schwarzkopf

Dr. Jutta Schwarzkopf

Ph. +49 30 6392 3053

Deputy head of department
Dr. Jens Martin

Dr. Jens Martin

Ph. +49 30 6392 2857