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X-ray scattering study of GaN nanowires grown on Ti/Al2O3 by molecular beam epitaxyV. M. Kaganer, O. V. Konovalov, G. Calabrese, D. van Treeck, A. Kwasniewski, C. Richter, S. Fernandez-Garrido, and O. BrandtJournal of Applied Crystallography 56, 439-448 (2023)
Low-Temperature Sintering of Low-Loss Millimeter-Wave Dielectric Ceramics Based on Li-Kosmochlor, LiCrSi2O6F. Kamutzki, S. Schneider, J. T. Muller, J. Barowski, D. Klimm, A. Gurlo, and D. A. H. HanaorPhysica Status Solidi a-Applications and Materials Science 220 (7) (2023)
The Thermal Conductivity Tensor of beta-Ga2O3 from 300 to 1275 KD. Klimm, B. Amgalan, S. Ganschow, A. Kwasniewski, Z. Galazka, and M. BickermannCrystal Research and Technology 58 (2) (2023)
Li self-diffusion and ion conductivity in congruent LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 single crystalsC. Kofahl, L. Dorrer, B. Muscutt, S. Sanna, S. Hurskyy, U. Yakhnevych, Y. Suhak, H. Fritze, S. Ganschow, and H. SchmidtPhysical Review Materials 7 (3) (2023)
Strain relaxation from annealing of SiGe heterostructures for qubitsY. J. Liu, K. P. Gradwohl, C. H. Lu, K. Dadzis, Y. Yamamoto, L. Becker, P. Storck, T. Remmele, T. Boeck, C. Richter, and M. AlbrechtJournal of Applied Physics 134 (3) (2023)
Growth of Si-28 Quantum Well Layers for Qubits by a Hybrid MBE/CVD TechniqueY. J. Liu, K. P. Gradwohl, C. H. Lu, Y. Yamamoto, T. Remmele, C. Corley-Wiciak, T. Teubner, C. Richter, M. Albrecht, and T. BoeckEcs Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 12 (2) (2023)
Large-Area Synthesis of Ferromagnetic Fe5-xGeTe2/Graphene van der Waals Heterostructures with Curie Temperature above Room TemperatureH. Lv, A. da Silva, A. I. Figueroa, C. Guillemard, I. F. Aguirre, L. Camosi, L. Aballe, M. Valvidares, S. O. Valenzuela, J. Schubert, M. Schmidbauer, J. Herfort, M. Hanke, A. Trampert, R. Engel-Herbert, M. Ramsteiner, and J. M. J. LopesSmall (2023)
Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations for AlN and AlGaN epitaxial growth on AlNW. Miller, T. Schulz, L. Lymperakis, A. Klump, and M. AlbrechtJournal of Crystal Growth 607 (2023)
Employing high-temperature-grown SrZrO3 buffer to enhance the electron mobility in La:BaSnO3-based heterostructuresP. Ngabonziza, J. Park, W. Sigle, P. A. van Aken, J. Mannhart, and D. G. SchlomApplied Physics Letters 122 (24) (2023)
Temperature dependence of the emission cross-section and fluorescence lifetime in Cr:LiCAF, Cr:LiSAF, and Cr:LiSGaF between 78 K and 618 KS. Okuyucu, J. Thesinga, H. Tanaka, Y. Ozturk, F. X. Kartner, M. Pergament, and U. DemirbasOptical Materials Express 13 (5), 1211-1227 (2023)
Nucleation and Crystallization of Ferrous Phosphate Hydrate via an Amorphous IntermediateA. Paskin, T. Couasnon, J. P. H. Perez, S. S. Lobanov, R. Blukis, S. Reinsch, and L. G. BenningJournal of the American Chemical Society 145 (28), 15137-15151 (2023)
Valley-orbit splitting of lithium-related donors in siliconS. G. Pavlov, N. V. Abrosimov, and H. W. HubersPhysical Review B 107 (11) (2023)
Preparation and Investigation of Micro-Transfer-Printable Single-Crystalline InP Coupons for Heterogeneous Integration of III-V on SiI. Peracchi, C. Richter, T. Schulz, J. Martin, A. Kwasniewski, S. Klager, C. Frank-Rotsch, P. Steglich, and K. StolzeCrystals 13 (7) (2023)
Diffusion of Magnesium in Czochralski SiliconL. M. Portsel, A. N. Lodygin, N. V. Abrosimov, and Y. A. AstrovPhysica Status Solidi a-Applications and Materials Science 220 (13) (2023)
Electromechanical Behavior of Al/Al2O3 Multilayers on Flexible Substrates: Insights from In Situ Film Stress and Resistance MeasurementsB. Putz, T. E. J. Edwards, E. Huszar, P. A. Gruber, K. P. Gradwohl, P. Kreiml, D. M. Tobbens, and J. MichlerAdvanced Engineering Materials 25 (2) (2023)
Effect of pulse-current-based protocols on the lithium dendrite formation and evolution in all-solid-state batteriesV. Reisecker, F. Flatscher, L. Porz, C. Fincher, J. Todt, I. Hanghofer, V. Hennige, M. Linares-Moreau, P. Falcaro, S. Ganschow, S. Wenner, Y. M. Chiang, J. Keckes, J. Fleig, and D. RettenwanderNature Communications 14 (1) (2023)
A model heterostructure with engineered Berry curvatureN. J. Schreiber, L. D. Miao, B. H. Goodge, L. F. Kourkoutis, K. M. Shen, and D. G. SchlomApl Materials 11 (6) (2023)
Molecular beam epitaxy of KTaO3T. Schwaigert, S. Salmani-Rezaie, M. R. Barone, H. Paik, E. Ray, M. D. Williams, D. A. Muller, D. G. Schlom, and K. AhadiJournal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 41 (2) (2023)
Real-space imaging of periodic nanotextures in thin films via phasing of diffraction dataZ. M. Shao, N. Schnitzer, J. Ruf, O. Y. Gorobtsov, C. Dai, B. H. Goodge, T. N. Yang, H. Nair, V. A. Stoica, J. W. Freeland, J. P. Ruff, L. Q. Chen, D. G. Schlom, K. M. Shen, L. F. Kourkoutis, and A. SingerProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 120 (28) (2023)
Why thermal laser epitaxy aluminum sources yield reproducible fluxes in oxidizing environmentsT. J. Smart, F. V. E. Hensling, D. Y. Kim, L. N. Majer, Y. E. Suyolcu, D. Dereh, D. G. Schlom, D. Jena, J. Mannhart, and W. BraunJournal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 41 (4) (2023)