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Silicon-doped beta-Ga2O3 films grown at 1 μm/h by suboxide molecular-beam epitaxyK. Azizie, F. V. E. Hensling, C. A. Gorsak, Y. Kim, N. A. Pieczulewski, D. M. Dryden, M. K. I. Senevirathna, S. Coye, S. L. Shang, J. Steele, P. Vogt, N. A. Parker, Y. Birkholzer, J. P. McCandless, D. Jena, H. L. G. Xing, Z. K. Liu, M. D. Williams,Apl Materials 11 (4) (2023)
Assessment of the scintillation properties of MgGa2O4 and ZnGa2O4 single crystalsA. Bachiri, M. Makowski, M. E. Witkowski, W. Drozdowski and Z. GalazkaOptical Materials Express 13 (5), 1345-1352 (2023)
UV-laser-diode-pumped visible Tb3+:LiLuF4 lasersM. Badtke, S. Kalusniak, H. Tanaka and C. KrankelOptics Letters 48 (13), 3379-3382 (2023)
Potential of La-Doped SrTiO3 Thin Films Grown by Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy for Thermoelectric ApplicationsA. Baki, M. Abdeldayem, C. Morales, J. I. Flege, D. Klimm, O. Bierwagen and J. SchwarzkopfCrystal Growth & Design 23 (4), 2522-2530 (2023)
Solid solutions of lithium niobate and lithium tantalate: crystal growth and the ferroelectric transitionU. Bashir, K. Bottcher, D. Klimm, S. Ganschow, F. Bernhardt, S. Sanna, M. Rusing, L. M. Eng, and M. BickermannFerroelectrics 613 (1), 250-262 (2023)
Pulse shaping in a midwave-IR OPCPA for multi-μJ few-cycle pulse generation at 12 μmM. Bock, L. von Grafenstein, P. Fuertjes, D. Ueberschaer, M. Duda, O. Novak, N. Abrosimov, and U. GriebnerOptics Express 31 (9), 14096-14108 (2023)
Non-volatile electric-field control of inversion symmetryL. Caretta, Y. T. Shao, J. Yu, A. B. Mei, B. F. Grosso, C. Dai, P. Behera, D. Lee, M. McCarter, E. Parsonnet, K. P. Harikrishnan, F. Xue, X. W. Guo, E. S. Barnard, S. Ganschow, Z. J. Hong, A. Raja, L. W. Martin, L. Q. Chen, M. Fiebig, K. J. Lai, N. A. Spaldin, D. A. Muller, D. G. Schlom, and R. RameshNature Materials 22 (2), 207-+ (2023)
Laser performance of high optical quality 4 at.% Pr3+: Sr0.7La0.3Mg0.3Al11.7O19 (Pr:ASL) single crystalsF. Cassouret, M. Badtke, P. Loiseau, and G. AkaOptics Express 31 (8), 12497-12507 (2023)
Homoepitaxial growth rate measurement and surface morphology monitoring of MOVPE-grown Si-doped (100) beta-Ga2O3 thin films using in-situ reflectance spectroscopyT. S. Chou, S. Bin Anooz, R. Gruneberg, T. V. T. Tran, J. Rehm, Z. Galazka, and A. PoppJournal of Crystal Growth 603 (2023)
Suppression of particle formation by gas-phase pre-reactions in (100) MOVPE-grown beta-Ga2O3 films for vertical device applicationT. S. Chou, P. Seyidov, S. Bin Anooz, R. Grueneberg, M. Pietsch, J. Rehm, T. T. V. Tran, K. Tetzner, Z. Galazka, M. Albrecht, K. Irmscher, A. Fiedler, and A. PoppApplied Physics Letters 122 (5) (2023)
High-mobility 4 μm MOVPE-grown (100) beta-Ga2O3 film by parasitic particles suppressionT. S. Chou, P. Seyidov, S. Bin Anooz, R. Grueneberg, J. Rehm, T. T. V. Tran, A. Fiedler, K. Tetzner, Z. Galazka, M. Albrecht, and A. PoppJapanese Journal of Applied Physics 62 (SF) (2023)
Nanoscale Mapping of the 3D Strain Tensor in a Germanium Quantum Well Hosting a Functional Spin Qubit DeviceC. Corley-Wiciak, C. Richter, M. H. Zoellner, I. Zaitsev, C. L. Manganelli, E. Zatterin, T. U. Schulli, A. A. Corley-Wiciak, J. Katzer, F. Reichmann, W. M. Klesse, N. W. Hendrickx, A. Sammak, M. Veldhorst, G. Scappucci, M. Virgilio, and G. CapelliniAcs Applied Materials & Interfaces 15 (2), 3119-3130 (2023)
Goethite Mineral Dissolution to Probe the Chemistry of Radiolytic Water in Liquid-Phase Transmission Electron MicroscopyT. Couasnon, B. Fritsch, M. P. M. Jank, R. Blukis, A. Hutzler, and L. G. BenningAdvanced Science (2023)
Waveguide-integrated silicon T centresA. DeAbreu, C. Bowness, A. Alizadeh, C. Chartrand, N. A. Brunelle, E. R. MacQuarrie, N. R. Lee-Hone, M. Ruether, M. Kazemi, A. T. K. Kurkjian, S. Roorda, N. V. Abrosimov, H. J. Pohl, M. L. W. Thewalt, D. B. Higginbottom, and S. SimmonsOptics Express 31 (9), 15045-15057 (2023)
A Guideline to Mitigate Interfacial Degradation Processes in Solid-State Batteries Caused by Cross DiffusionM. M. U. Din, L. Ladenstein, J. Ring, D. Knez, S. Smetaczek, M. Kubicek, M. Sadeqi-Moqadam, S. Ganschow, E. Salagre, E. G. Michel, S. Lode, G. Kothleitner, I. Dugulan, J. G. Smith, A. Limbeck, J. Fleig, D. J. Siegel, G. J. Redhammer, and D. RettenwanderAdvanced Functional Materials (2023)
Shallow donor impurity of bismuth in silicon: Peculiar electrical properties of bismuth-related defects produced by electron irradiationV. Emtsev, N. Abrosimov, V. Kozlovski, G. Oganesyan, and D. PoloskinJournal of Applied Physics 134 (2) (2023)
Interactions of hydrogen atoms with boron and gallium in silicon crystals co-doped with phosphorus and acceptorsT. O. A. Fattah, V. P. Markevich, D. Gomes, J. Coutinho, N. V. Abrosimov, I. D. Hawkins, M. P. Halsall, and A. R. PeakerSolar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 259 (2023)
Self-stabilization of the equilibrium state in ferroelectric thin filmsP. Gaal, D. Schmidt, M. Khosla, C. Richter, P. Boesecke, D. Novikov, M. Schmidbauer, and J. SchwarzkopfApplied Surface Science 613 (2023)
Bulk single crystals and physical properties of beta-(AlxGa1-x)2O3 (x=0-0.35) grown by the Czochralski methodZ. Galazka, A. Fiedler, A. Popp, S. Ganschow, A. Kwasniewski, P. Seyidov, M. Pietsch, A. Dittmar, S. B. Anooz, K. Irmscher, M. Suendermann, D. Klimm, T. S. Chou, J. Rehm, T. Schroeder, and M. BickermannJournal of Applied Physics 133 (3) (2023)