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Artificial Intelligence for Crystal Growth and CharacterizationS. Schimmel, W. Sun, N. Dropka Crystals 12 (2022) 1232
Growth of PdCoO2 films with controlled termination by molecular-beam epitaxy and determination of their electronic structure by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopyQ. Song, J. Sun, C. T. Parzyck, L. Miao, Q. Xu, F. V. E. Hensling, M. R. Barone, C. Hu, J. Kim, B. D. Faeth, H. Paik, P. D. C. King, K. M. Shen, D. G. SchlomAPL Mater. 10 (2022) 091113
Quantitative dislocation multiplication law for Ge single crystals based on discrete dislocation dynamics simulationsK.-P. Gradwohl, W. Miller, N. Dropka, R. R. SumathiComputational Materials Science 211(2022) 111537.
Machine learning supported analysis of MOVPE grown β-Ga2O3 thin films on sapphireT. Chou, S. B. Anooz, R. Grüneberg, N. Dropka, W. Miller, T. T. V.Tran, J. Rehm, M. Albrecht, A. PoppJournal of Crystal Growth 592(2022) 126737
Exploiting the Nanostructural Anisotropy of β‑Ga2O3 to Demonstrate Giant Improvement in Titanium/Gold Ohmic ContactsM.-H. Lee, T.-S. Chou, S. B. Anooz, Z. Galazka, A. Popp, R. L. PetersonACS Nano 2022, 16, 8, 11988–11997
Synthesis of metastable Ruddlesden-Popper titanates, (ATiO3)nAO, with n >= 20 by molecular-beam epitaxyM. R. Barone, M. Jeong, N. Parker, J. Sun, D. A. Tenne, Kiyoung L, D. G. SchlomAPL Mater. 10 (2022) 091106
Machine learning supported analysis of MOVPE grown beta-Ga2O3 thin films on sapphire T. Chou, S. Bin Anooz, R. Grueneberg, N. Dropka, W. Miller, T. T. V. Tran, J. Rehm, M. Albrecht, A. Popp J. Cryst. Growth 592 (2022) 126737
Role of critical thickness in SiGe/Si/SiGe heterostructure design for qubitsY. Liu, K.-P. Gradwohl, C.-H. Lu, T. Remmele, Y. Yamamoto, M. H. Zoellner, T. Schroeder, T. Boeck, H Amari, C. Richter, M. Albrecht Journal of Applied Physics 132 (2022) 085302
Thickness effect on ferroelectric domain formation in compressively strained K0.65Na0.35NbO3 epitaxial filmsY. Wang, S. Bin Anooz, G. Niu, M. Schmidbauer, L. Wang, W. Ren, J. SchwarzkopfPhys. Rev. Materials 6 (2022) 084413
A robust high-performance electronic synapse based on epitaxial ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 films with uniform polarization and high Curie temperatureY. Wang, Q. Wang, J. Zhao, T. Niermann, Y. Liu, L. Dai, K. Zheng, Y. Sun, Y. Zhang, J. Schwarzkopf, T. Schroeder, Z. Jiang, W. Ren, G. NiuApplied Materials Today 29 (2022) 101587
Si Doping Mechanism in MOVPE-grown (100) β-Ga2O3 filmsT. Chou, S. B. Anooz, R. Grüneberg, N. Dropka, J. Rehm, T. T. V. Tran, K. Irmscher, P. Seyidov, W.Miller, Z.Galazka, M. Albrecht, A. PoppAppl. Phys. Lett. 121, 032103 (2022)
Visible solid-state lasers based on Pr3+ and Tb3+H. Tanaka, S. Kalusniak, M. Badtke, M. Demesh, N. V. Kuleshov, F. Kannari, C. Kränkel a,*Progress in Quantum Electronics 84 (2022) 100411
Few-ns, kW peak power Q-switched pulses from orange and red Pr:YLF lasersM. Badtke, H. Tanaka, S. Kalusniak, M. Demesh, N. Kuleshov, C. KränkelApplied Physics Express 15 (2022) 082006
X-Band Parallel-Mode and Multifrequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of S = 1/2 Bismuth CentersJ. Haak, J. Krüger, N. V. Abrosimov, C. Helling, S. Schulz, G. E. CutsailInorg. Chem. 61 (2022) 11173–11181
Gapped Collective Charge Excitations and Interlayer Hopping in Cuprate SuperconductorsM. Hepting, M. Bejas, A. Nag, H. Yamase, N. Coppola, D. Betto, C. Falter, M. Garcia-Fernandez, S. Agrestini, Ke-Jin Zhou, M. Minola, C. Sacco, L. Maritato, P. Orgiani, H. I. Wei, K. M. Shen, D. G. Schlom, A. Galdi, A. Greco, B. KeimerPhys. Rev. Lett. 129 (2022) 047001
Tackling Disorder in γ-Ga2O3L. E. Ratcliff, T. Oshima, F. Nippert, B. M. Janzen, E. Kluth, R. Goldhahn, M. Feneberg, P. Mazzolini, O. Bierwagen, C. Wouters, M. Nofal, M. Albrecht, J. E. N. Swallow, L. A. H. Jones, P. K. Thakur, T.-L. Lee, C. Kalha, C. Schlueter, T. D. Veal, J. B. Varley, M. R. Wagner, A. RegoutzAdv. Mater. 34 (2022) 2204217
Refractory metal-based ohmic contacts on β-Ga2O3 using TiWK. Tetzner, R. Schewski, A. Popp, S. Bin Anooz, T.-S. Chou, I. Ostermay, H. Kirmse, J. WürflAPL Materials 10 (2022) 071108
Stability of ZnSe-passivated laser facets cleaved in air and in ultra-high vacuumJ. E. Boschker, U. Spengler, P. Ressel, M. Schmidbauer, A. Mogilatenko and A. KniggeIEEE Photonics Journal 14, 1531606 (2022)
Ultrafast element- and depth-resolved magnetization dynamics probed by transverse magneto-optical Kerr effect spectroscopy in the soft x-ray rangeM. Hennecke, D. Schick, T.Sidiropoulos, F. Willems, A. Heilmann, M. Bock, L. Ehrentraut, D. Engel, P. Hessing, B. Pfau, M. Schmidbauer, A. Furchner, M. Schnuerer, C. von Korff Schmising, and S. EisebittPhys. Rev. Research 4, L022062 (2022)