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Czochralski growth and characterization of TbxGd1-xScO3 and TbxDy1-xScO3 solid-solution single crystalsCh. Guguschev, J. Hidde,a T. M. Gesing,bc M. Gogolinb and D. KlimmCrystEngComm, 2018,20, 2868-2876
Coating Roughness Effects on the Defect Structure of mc-Si and its Comparison to High-Performance mc-SiF. M. Kießling, T. K. Ervik, A.-K. Søiland, B. R. HenriksenCRYSTAL Research & Technology, 53 (2018) 1700272 1-10
MOVPE Growth of Smooth and Homogeneous Al0.8Ga0.2N:Si Superlattices as UVC Laser Cladding LayersCh. Kuhn, T. Simoneit, M. Martens, J. Enslin, T. Markurt, Dr. F. Mehnke, K. Bellmann, Dr. T. Wernicke, Prof. M. KneisslPhysica Status Solid A,215 (2018) 180005 (1-6)
2-GHz carbon nanotube mode-locked Yb:YAG channel waveguide laserS. Y. Choi, T. Calmano, F. Rotermund, and C. KränkelOptics Express,26 (2018) 5140-5145
Doping of Czochralski-grown bulk ß- Ga2O3 single crystals with Cr, Ce and AlZ. Galazka, Steffen Ganschow, Andreas Fiedler, Rainer Bertram, Detlef Klimm, Klaus Irmscher, Robert Schewski, Mike Pietsch, Martin Albrecht, Matthias BickermannJournal of Crystal Growth 486 (2018) 82–90
Thermal conductivity of rare-earth scandates in comparison to other oxidic substrate crystalsJ. Hidde, Christo Guguschev, Steffen Ganschow, Detlef KlimmJournal of Alloys and Compounds 738 (2018) 415e421
Ultrahigh thermal conductivity of isotopically enriched silicon A. V. Inyushkin, A. N. Taldenkov, J. W. Ager, E. E. Haller, H.Riemann, N. V. Abrosimov, H.-J. Pohl, P. Becker Journal of Applied Physics 123, 095112 (2018)
On melt solutions for the growth of CaTiO3 crystalsD. Klimm, Max Schmidt, Nora Wolff, Christo Guguschev, Steffen GanschowJournal of Crystal Growth 486 (2018) 117–121
Zero-field optical magnetic resonance study of phosphorus donors in 28-siliconK. J. Morse, P. Dluhy, J. Huber, J. Z. Salvail, K. Saeedi, H. Riemann, N. V. Abrosimov, P. Becker, H.-J. Pohl, S. Simmons, M. L. W. ThewaltPhysical Review B, 97 (2018) 115205
Simulation of grain evolution in solidification of silicon on meso-scopic scaleX. Qi, Lijun Liu, Thècle Riberi-Béridot, Nathalie Mangelinck-Noël, Wolfram MillerComputational Materials Science, Volume 159, March 2019, Pages 432-439
Short lifetime components in the relaxation of boron acceptors in silicon K. Saeedi, N. Stavrias, B. Redlich, H. Riemann, N. V. Abrosimov, P. Becker, H.-J. Pohl, M. L. W. Thewalt, B. N. Murdin Phys. Rev. B 97, 125205
Growth of Bulk GaN from Gas phaseD. Siche, R. ZwierzCRYSTAL Research & Technology, 53 (2018) 1700224 1-15
Widely tunable, efficient 2 μm laser inmonocrystalline Tm3+:SrF2A. Scottile, E. Damiano, M. Rabe, R. Bertram, D. Klimm, M. TonelliJournal of Crystal Growth, 483 (2018) 121-124
Diode-pumped femtosecond Tm3+-doped LuScO3 laser near 2.1 µmN. K. Stevenson, C. T. A. Brown, J. M. Hopkins, M. D. Dawson, C. Kränkel, and A. A. LagatskyOptics Letters, 43 (2018) 1287-1290
Advanced crystal growth techniques for thallium bromide semiconductor radiation detectorsA. Datta, Piotr Becla, Christo Guguschev, Shariar MotakefJournal of Crystal Growth 483 (2018) 211–215
Divacancy-tin related defects in irradiated germanium L. I. Khirunenko, M. G. Sosnin, A. V. Duvanskii, N. V. Abrosimov, H. Riemann Journal of Applied Physics 123, 161595 (2018)
Crystal growth and scintillation performance of Cs2HfCl6  and Cs2HfCl4Br2. Journal of Crystal Growth, under review. S. Lam, C. Guguschev, A. Burger, M. Hackett, S. MotakefJournal of Crystal Growth, 483 (2018) 121-124
Locally grown Cu(In,Ga)Se2 micro islands for concentrator solar cellsM. Schmid, B. Heidmann, F. Ringleb, K. Eylers, O. Ernst, S. Andree, J. Bonse, T. Boeck, J. KrügerOptics Letters, 43 (2018) 4791-4794
Thermodynamic investigations on the growth of CuAlO2 delafossite crystalsN. Wolff, D. Klimm, D. SicheAppl. Phys. Lett, 113 (2018) 052901