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Surface Effects of Vapour-Liquid-Solid Driven Bi Surface Droplets Fromed During Molecular-Beam-Epitaxy of GaAsBi.J. A. Steele, R. A. Lewis, J. Horvat, M. J. B. Nancarrow, M. Henini, D. Fan, Y. I. Mazur, M. Schmidbauer, M. E. Ware, S.-Q. Yu, G. J. SalamoSCI Reports 6 (2016) 28860
Langasite-Type Resonant Sensors for Harsh Environments.Y. Suhak, M. Schulz, H. Wulfmeier, W.L. Johnson, A. Sotnikov, H. Schmidt, S. Ganschow, D. Klimm, H. FritzeMrs Advances 21 (2016) 1513 - 1518
New Ultrarapid-Scanning Interferometer for FT-IR Spectroscopy with Microsecond Time-ResolutionB. Süss, F. Ringleb, J. HeberleRev. SCI Instrum 87 (2016) 063113
X-Ray Asterism and the Structure of Cracks from Indentations in SiliconB. K. Tanner, J. Garagorri, E. Gorostegui-Colinas, M. R. Elizalde, D. Allen, P. J. McNally, J. Wittge, C. Ehlers and A. N. DanilewskyJ. Appl. Crystallogr. 49 (2016) 250 - 259
Thermal Stability of Materials for Thin-Film Electrochemical Cells Investigated by Thin-Film Calorimetry.H. Wulfmeier, A. Omelcenko, D. Albrecht, D. Klimm, W. El Mofid, M. Strafela, S. Ulrich, A. Bund, H. FritzeMRS Advances 1 (2016) 1043 - 1049
Formation of Donors in Germanium–Silicon Alloys Implanted with Hydrogen Ions with Different EnergiesYu. M. Pkotilo, A. N. Petukh, V. V. Litvinov, V. P. Markevich, N. V. Abrosimov, A. S. Kamyshan, A. V. Giro, K. A. SolyanikovaSemiconduct 50 (2016) 1122 – 1124
Evolution of planar defects during homoepitaxial growth of ß-Ga2O3 layers on (100) substrates - a quantitative modelR. Schewski, M. Baldini, K. Irmscher, A. Fiedler, T. Markurt, B. Neuschulz, T. Remmele, T. Schulz, G. Wagner, Z. Galazka, M. AlbrechtJournal of Applied Physics 120, 225308 (2016);
Regularly Arranged Indium Islands on Glass/Molybdenum Substrates upon Femtosecond Laser and Physical Vapor Deposition Processing.F. Ringleb, K. Eylers, T. Teubner, T. Boeck, C. Symietz, J. Bonse, S. Andree, J. Krüger, B. Heidmann, M. Schmid, M. Lux-SteinerJ. Appl. Phys. LETT 108 (2016) 111904
High-Output-Power Ultraviolet Light Source from Quasi-2D GaN Quantum StructureX. Rong, Xinqiang Wang , Sergey V. Ivanov, Xinhe Jiang, Guang Chen, Ping Wang, Weiying Wang, Chenguang He, Tao Wang, Tobias Schulz, Martin Albrecht, Valentin N. Jmerik, Alexey A. Toropov, Viacheslav V. Ratnikov, Vladimir I. Kozlovsky, Victor P. Martovitsky, Peng Jin, Fujun Xu, Xuelin Yang, Zhixin Qin, Weikun Ge, Junjie Shi, Bo ShenAdvanced Materials, Volume 28, Issue 36 September 28, 2016 Pages 7978–7983
Diffusion of Oxygen in Bulk GaN Crystals at High Temperature and at High Pressure.B. Sadovyi, A. Nikolenko, J.L. Weyher, I. Grzegory, I. Dziecielewski, M. Sarzynski, V. Strelchuk, В. Tsykaniuk, O. Belyaev, I. Petrusha, V. Turkevich, V. Kapustianyk, M. Albrecht, S.PorowskiJ. Cryst. Growth (2016) 35 - 42
Characterization of an Ultrafast Bragg-Switch for Shortening Hard X-Ray PulsesM. Sander, A. Koc, C. T. Kwamen, H. Michaels, A. v. Reppert, J. Pudell, F. Zamponi, M. Bargheer, J. Sellmann, J. Schwarzkopf, P. GaalJ. Appl. Phys. 120 (2016) 193101
Femtosecond laser pulses for photovoltaic bottom-up strategiesS. Andree, B. Heidmann, F. Ringleb, K. Eylers, J. Bonse, T. Boeck, M. Schmid, J. KrügerScientific reports : Journal of the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, 2 (2017) 1 - 4
Out of the blue: semiconductor laser pumped visible rare-earth doped lasersC. Kränkel, D. T. Marzahl, F. Moglia, G. Huber, and P. W. MetzLaser Photon. Rev. 10 (4), 548-568 (2016) (invited paper)
Contactless processing of SiGe-melts in EML under reduced gravityY. Luo, Bernd Damaschke, Stephan Schneider , Georg Lohöfer, Nikolay Abrosimov, Matthias CzupallaKonrad Samwernpj Microgravity volume 2, Article number: 1 (2016)
Polarity Control in Group-III Nitrides beyond Pragmatism.S. Mohn, N. Stolyarchuk, T. Markurt, R. Kirste, M. P. Hoffmann, R. Collazo, A. Courville, R. Di Felice, Z. Sitar, P. Vennéguès, M. AlbrechtPhys. Rev. APPL (2016) 054004
Even-Parity Excited States of the Acceptor Boron in Silicon Revisited.R. Kh. Morse, R.J.S. Abraham, D.P. Franke, N.V. Abrosimov, M.L.W. ThewaltPhys. Rev. B 93 (2016) 125207
Comparative study of the electronic structures of the In and Sn/In2O3 (111) interfacesM. Nazarzahdemoafi, F. Titze, S. Machulik, C. Janowitz, Z. Galazka, R. Manzke, M. MulazziPhysical Review B 93, 081303(R) (2016)
Polarization-Induced Confinement of Continuous Hole-States in Highly Pumped, Industrial-Grade, Green InGaN Quantum Wells.F. Nippert, A. Nirschl, T. Schulz, G. Callsen, I. Pietzonka, S. Westerkamp, T. Kure, C. Nenstiel, M. Strassburg, M. Albrecht, and A.l HoffmannJ. Appl. Phys. 119 (2016) 215707
Dynamics of Nonequilibrium Electrons on Neutral Center States of Interstitial Magnesium Donorsin Silicon.S. G. Pavlov, N. Deßmann, A. Pohl, V. B. Shuman, L. М. Portsel, А. N. Lodygin, Yu. A. Astrov,S. Winnerl, H. Schneider, N. Stavrias, A. F. G. van der Meer, V. V. Tsyplenkov, K. A. Kovalevsky, R. Kh. Zhukavin, V. N. Shastin, N. V. Abrosimov, H.-W. HübersPhys. Rev. B, 94 (2016) 075208-1
Complete Dispersion Analysis of Single Crystal Yttrium Orthosilicate.S. Höfer, R. Uecker, A. Kwasniewski, J. Popp, Th. G. MayerhöferVIB SPECTROSC 83 (2016) 151 – 158