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Monolithic integration of InP nanowires with CMOS fabricated silicon nanotips waferA. Kamath, O. Skibitzki, D. Spirito, S. Dadgostar, I. M. Martinez, M. Schmidbauer, C. Richter, A. Kwasniewski, J. Serrano, J. Jimenez, C. Golz, M. A. Schubert, J. W. Tomm, G. Niu, F. Hatami Phys. Rev. Mat. 7, 103801 (2023)
Self-stabilization of the equilibrium state in ferroelectric thin filmsP. Gaal, D. Schmidt, M. Khosla, C. Richter, P. Boesecke, D. Novikov, M. Schmidbauer, J. SchwarzkopfApplied Surface Science 613 (2023) 155891
Li self-diffusion and ion conductivity in congruent LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 single crystalsC. Kofahl, L. Dörrer, B. Muscutt, S. Sanna, S. Hurskyy, U. Yakhnevych, Y. Suhak, H. Fritze, S. Ganschow, H. SchmidtPhys. Rev. Materials 7 (2023) 033403
Valley-orbit splitting of lithium-related donors in siliconS. G. Pavlov, N. V. Abrosimov, H.-W. HübersPhys. Rev. B 107 (2023) 115205
Temperature dependence of the band gap of 28Si:P at very low temperatures measured via time-resolved optical spectroscopyE. Sauter, N. V. Abrosimov, J. Hübner, M. OestreichPhys. rev. res. 5 (2023) 013182
Set/Reset Bilaterally Controllable Resistance Switching Ga-doped Ge2Sb2Te5 Long-Term Electronic Synapses for Neuromorphic ComputingQ. Wang, R. Luo, Y. Wang, W. Fang, L. Jiang, Y. Liu, R. Wang, L. Dai, J. Zhao, J. Bi, Z. Liu, L. Zhao, Z. Jiang, Z. Song, J. Schwarzkopf, T. Schroeder, S. Wu, Z. Ye, W. Ren, S. Song, G. NiuAdv. Funct. Mater. (2023) 2213296
On-demand electrical control of spin qubitsW. Gilbert, T. Tanttu, W. H. Lim, M. Feng, J. Y. Huang, J. D. Cifuentes, S. Serrano, P. Y. Mai, R. C. C. Leon, C. C. Escott, K. M. Itoh, N. V. Abrosimov, H.-J. Pohl, M. L. W. Thewalt, F. E. Hudson, A. Morello, A. Laucht, C. H. Yang, A. Saraiva, A. S. DzurakNat. Nanotechnol. 18 (2023) 131–136
The Thermal Conductivity Tensor of β-Ga2O3 from 300 to 1275 KD. Klimm, B. Amgalan, S. Ganschow, A. Kwasniewski, Z. Galazka, M. BickermannCryst. Res. Technol. 58 (2023) 2200204
Charge transport and acoustic loss in lithium niobate-lithium tantalate solid solutions at temperatures up to 900 ◦CU. Yakhnevych, C. Kofahl, S. Hurskyy, S. Ganschow, Y. Suhak, H. Schmidt, H. FritzeSolid State Ion. 392 (2023) 116147
Nanoscale Surface Structure of Nanometer-Thick Ferroelectric BaTiO3 Films Revealed by Synchrotron X-ray Scanning Tunneling Microscopy: Implications for Catalytic Adsorption Reactions P. Abbasi, N. Shirato, R. E. Kumar, I. V. Albelo, M. R. Barone, D. N. Cakan, M. D. Cruz-Jauregui, S. Wieghold, D. G. Schlom, V. Rose, T. A. Pascal and D. P. Fenning Acs Applied Nano Materials 6 (3), 2162-2170 (2023)
Liquid argon light collection and veto modeling in GERDA Phase IIM. Agostini et al.European Physical Journal C 83 (4) (2023)
Polarization-Tuned Fano Resonances in All-Dielectric Short-Wave Infrared MetasurfaceA. Attiaoui, G. Daligou, S. Assali, O. Skibitzki, T. Schroeder and O. MoutanabbirAdvanced Materials 35 (28) (2023)
Silicon-doped beta-Ga2O3 films grown at 1 μm/h by suboxide molecular-beam epitaxyK. Azizie, F. V. E. Hensling, C. A. Gorsak, Y. Kim, N. A. Pieczulewski, D. M. Dryden, M. K. I. Senevirathna, S. Coye, S. L. Shang, J. Steele, P. Vogt, N. A. Parker, Y. Birkholzer, J. P. McCandless, D. Jena, H. L. G. Xing, Z. K. Liu, M. D. Williams,Apl Materials 11 (4) (2023)
Assessment of the scintillation properties of MgGa2O4 and ZnGa2O4 single crystalsA. Bachiri, M. Makowski, M. E. Witkowski, W. Drozdowski and Z. GalazkaOptical Materials Express 13 (5), 1345-1352 (2023)
UV-laser-diode-pumped visible Tb3+:LiLuF4 lasersM. Badtke, S. Kalusniak, H. Tanaka and C. KrankelOptics Letters 48 (13), 3379-3382 (2023)
Potential of La-Doped SrTiO3 Thin Films Grown by Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy for Thermoelectric ApplicationsA. Baki, M. Abdeldayem, C. Morales, J. I. Flege, D. Klimm, O. Bierwagen and J. SchwarzkopfCrystal Growth & Design 23 (4), 2522-2530 (2023)
Solid solutions of lithium niobate and lithium tantalate: crystal growth and the ferroelectric transitionU. Bashir, K. Bottcher, D. Klimm, S. Ganschow, F. Bernhardt, S. Sanna, M. Rusing, L. M. Eng, and M. BickermannFerroelectrics 613 (1), 250-262 (2023)
Pulse shaping in a midwave-IR OPCPA for multi-μJ few-cycle pulse generation at 12 μmM. Bock, L. von Grafenstein, P. Fuertjes, D. Ueberschaer, M. Duda, O. Novak, N. Abrosimov, and U. GriebnerOptics Express 31 (9), 14096-14108 (2023)
Non-volatile electric-field control of inversion symmetryL. Caretta, Y. T. Shao, J. Yu, A. B. Mei, B. F. Grosso, C. Dai, P. Behera, D. Lee, M. McCarter, E. Parsonnet, K. P. Harikrishnan, F. Xue, X. W. Guo, E. S. Barnard, S. Ganschow, Z. J. Hong, A. Raja, L. W. Martin, L. Q. Chen, M. Fiebig, K. J. Lai, N. A. Spaldin, D. A. Muller, D. G. Schlom, and R. RameshNature Materials 22 (2), 207-+ (2023)
Laser performance of high optical quality 4 at.% Pr3+: Sr0.7La0.3Mg0.3Al11.7O19 (Pr:ASL) single crystalsF. Cassouret, M. Badtke, P. Loiseau, and G. AkaOptics Express 31 (8), 12497-12507 (2023)