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Czochralski growth of mixed cubic sesquioxide crystals in the ternary system Lu2O3–Sc2O3–Y2O3C. Kränkel, A. Uvarova, É. Haurat, L. Hülshoff, M. Brützam, C. Guguschev, S. Kalusniak, and D. KlimmActa Cryst. B, 77, (2021), 23786-23798
Investigation on the optical nonlinearity of the layered magnesium-mediated metal organic framework (Mg-MOF-74)Y. Liang, W. Qiao, T. Feng, B. Zhang, Y. Zhao, Y. Song, T. Li, and C. KränkelOptics Express, 29, (2021), 23786-23798
Assessing doping inhomogeneities in GaAs crystal via simulations of lateral photovoltage scanning methodS. Kayser, N. Rotundo, N. Dropka, and P. FarrellJournal of Crystal Growth, 571, (2021), 126248
The Features of Infrared Absorption of Boron-Doped SiliconLyudmila Khirunenko, Mikhail Sosnin, Andrei Duvanskii, Nikolai Abrosimov, and Helge RiemannPhys. Status Solidi A, 218, (2021), 2100181
Indium-Doped Silicon for Solar Cells—Light-Induced Degradation and Deep-Level TrapsJoyce Ann T. De Guzman, Vladimir P. Markevich, Ian D. Hawkins, Hussein M. Ayedh, José Coutinho, Jeff Binns, Robert Falster, Nikolay V. Abrosimov, Iain F. Crowe, Matthew P. Halsall, and Anthony R. PeakerPhys. Status Solidi A, 218, (2021), 2100108
Is Reduced Strontium Titanate a Semiconductor or a Metal?C. Rodenbücher, C. Guguschev, C. Korte, S. Bette, and K. SzotCrystals, 11, (2021), 744
Melt Growth and Physical Properties of Bulk LaInO3 Single CrystalsZ. Galazka, K. Irmscher, S. Ganschow, M. Zupancic, W. Aggoune, C. Draxl, M. Albrecht, D. Klimm, A. Kwasniewski, T. Schulz, M.Pietsch, A. Dittmar, R. Grueneberg, U. Juda, R. Schewski, S. Bergmann, H. Cho, K. Char, T. Schroeder, M. BickermannPhys. Status Solidi A (2021), 2100016
Phase diagrams, superdomains, and superdomain walls in KxNa1-xNbO3 epitaxial thin filmsM.-J. Zhou, B. Wang, A. Ladera, L. Bogula, H.-X. Liu, L.-Q. Chen, C.-W. NanActa Materialia, 215, (2021), 117038
Sub-6 optical-cycle Kerr-lens mode-locked Tm:Lu2O3 and Tm:Sc2O3 combined gain media laser at 2.1 μmA. Suzuki, C. Kränkel, and M. TokurakawaOptics Express, 29, (2021), 19465-19471
AlF3-assisted flux growth of mullite whiskers and their application in fabrication of porous mullite-alumina monolithsA. Abdullayev, D.Klimm, F. Kamutzki, A. Gurlo, M. F. BekheetOpen Ceramics 7, (2021), 100145
Microstructure of bismuth centers in silicon before and after irradiation with 15 MeV protonsN. Arutyunov, R. Krause-Rehberg, M. Elsayed, V. Emtsev, N. Abrosimov, G. Oganesyan and V. KozlovskiJournal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 33, (2021), 245702
Influence of diluted acid mixtures on selective etching of MHz- and kHz-fs-laser inscribed structures in YAGK. Hasse, D. Kip, and C. KränkelOptical Materials Express, 11, (2021), 1546-1554
Interstitial H2 in 29SiE. V. Lavrov, V. V. Melnikov, N. V. AbrosimovPhysical Review B, 103 (2021), 205204
Structural and magnetic properties of NiFe2O4 thin films grown on isostructural lattice-matched substratesS. Regmi, Z.Li, A. Srivastava, R. Mahat, S. KC, A. Rastogi, Z. Galazka, R. Datta, T. Mewes, and A. GuptaAppl. Phys. Lett., 118, (2021), 152402
Correlation of Electrical Properties and Acoustic Loss in Single Crystalline Lithium Niobate-Tantalate Solid Solutions at Elevated TemperaturesY. Suhak, D. Roshchupkin, B. Redkin, A. Kabir, B. Jerliu, S. Ganschow, and H. FritzeCrystals, 11, (2021), 398
Zinc gallate spinel dielectric function, bandto-band transitions, and Γ-point effective mass parametersM. Hilfiker, M. Stokey, R. Korlacki, U. Kilic, Z. Galazka, K. Irmscher, S. Zollner, and M. SchubertAppl. Phys. Lett., 118, (2021), 132102
Effect of metal contacts on (100) β-Ga2O3 Schottky barriersL. A. M. Lyle, K. Jiang, E. V. Favela, K. Das, A. Popp, Z. Galazka, G. Wagner, and L. M. PorterJournal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, 39, (2021), 033202
Fingerprints of optical absorption in the perovskite LaInO3: Insight from many-body theory and experimentW. Aggoune, K. Irmscher, D. Nabok, C. Vona, S. Bin Anooz, Z. Galazka, M. Albrecht, and C. DraxlPhys. Rev. B, 103, (2021), 115105
Temperature-dependent radiative lifetime of Yb:YLF: refined cross sections and potential for laser coolingS. Püschel, S. Kalusniak, C. Kränkel, and H. TanakaOptics Express, 29, (2021), 11106-11120
Passively Q‑switched 8.5‑ns Pr3+: YLF laser at 640 nmM. Badtke, H. Tanaka, L. J. Ollenburg, S. Kalusniak, C. KränkelApplied Physics B, 127, (2021), 83