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Carbon doping of GaN: Proof of the formation of electrically active tri-carbon defectsI. Gamov, E. Richter, M. Weyers, G. Gärtner, and K. IrmscherJ. Appl. Phys. 127 (2020) 205701
Thin film transistors based on ultra-wide bandgap spinel ZnGa2O4Y. Jang, Seongyun Hong, Jihoon Seo, Hyeongmin Cho, Kookrin Char , and Zbigniew GalazkaAppl. Phys. Lett. 116 (2020) 202104
Imprinting Ferromagnetism and Superconductivity in Single Atomic Layers of Molecular SuperlatticesZ. Li, Xiuying Zhang, Xiaoxu Zhao, Jing Li, Tun Seng Herng, Haomin Xu, Fanrong Lin, Pin Lyu, Xinnan Peng, Wei Yu, Xiao Hai, Cheng Chen, Huimin Yang, Jens Martin, Jing Lu, Xin Luo, A. H. Castro Neto, Stephen J. Pennycook, Jun Ding, Yuanping Feng, and Jiong LuAdvanced Materials 32 (2020) 1907645
Approaching the high intrinsic electrical resistivity of NbO2 in epitaxially grown filmsJ. Stoever, Jos E. Boschker , Saud Bin Anooz , Martin Schmidbauer , Peter Petrik , Jutta Schwarzkopf , Martin Albrecht , and Klaus IrmscherAppl. Phys. Lett. 116 (2020) 182103
Low-frequency spin qubit energy splitting noise in highly purified 28Si/SiGeT. Struck, Arne Hollmann, Floyd Schauer, Olexiy Fedorets , Andreas Schmidbauer, Kentarou Sawano, Helge Riemann, Nikolay V. Abrosimov, Łukasz Cywiński , Dominique Bougeard Lars R. Schreiber npj Quantum Information 6, (2020) 40
MHz-repetition rate fs-laser-inscribed crystalline waveguide lasers inscribed at 100 mm/sK. Hasse, Christian Kränkel Optics Express 28(8) (2020) 12011
Strain-Engineered Ferroelastic Structures in PbTiO3 Films and Their Control by Electric FieldsE. Langenberg, Hanjong Paik, Eva H. Smith, Hari P. Nair, Isabelle Hanke, Steffen Ganschow, Gustau Catalan, Neus Domingo, and Darrell G. SchlomACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 12 (2020) 20691–20703
Investigation of the Magnesium Impurity in SiliconL. M. Portsel, V. B. Shuman, A. A. Lavrent’ev, A. N. Lodygin, N. V. Abrosimov, and Yu. A. AstrovSemiconductors 4 (2020)
Growth of heavily-doped Germanium single crystals for mid-Infrared applicationsR. Sumathi, Nikolay Abrosimov, Kevin-P. Gradwohl, Matthias Czupalla, Jörg FischerJournal of Crystal Growth 535 (2020) 125490
Improved performance of UVC-LEDs by combination of high-temperature annealing and epitaxially laterally overgrown AlN/sapphireN. Susilo, E.Ziffer, S.Hagedorn, L. Cancellara, C. Netzel, N. Lobo Ploch, S. Wu, J. Rass, S. Walde, L. Sulmoni, M. Guttmann, T. Wernicke, M. Albrecht, M. Weyers, M. KneisslPhotonics Research 8 (2020) 589-594
High quality-factor Kerr-lens mode-locked Tm:Sc2O3 single crystal laser with anomalous spectral broadeningA. Suzuki, Christian Kränkel, and Masaki TokurakawaAppl. Phys. Express 13 (2020) 052007
Gate controlled valley polarizer in bilayer grapheneH. Chen, Pinjia Zhou, Jiawei Liu, Jiabin Qiao, Barbaros Oezyilmaz, Jens MartinNature Communications 11 (2020) 1202
Vacancy-Phosphorus Complexes in Electron-Irradiated Floating-Zone n-Type Silicon: New Points in Annealing StudiesV. V. Emtsev, N. V. Abrosimov, V. V. Kozlovski, G. A. Oganesyan, D. S. PoloskinSemiconductors 54 (2020)4 6–54
The natural critical current density limit for Li7La3Zr2O12 garnetsF. Flatscher, Martin Philipp, Steffen Ganschow, H. Martin R. Wilkening and Daniel RettenwanderJ. Mater. Chem. A 8 (2020) 15782-15788
Bulk β-Ga2O3 single crystals doped with Ce, Ce+Si, Ce+Al, and Ce+Al+Si for detection of nuclear radiationZ. Galazka, R. Schewski, K. Irmscher, W. Drozdowski, M. E. Witkowski, M. Makowski, A. J. Wojtowicz, I. M. Hanke, M. Pietsch, T. Schulz, D. Klimm, S. Ganschow, A. Dittmar, A. Fiedler, T. Schroeder, M. BickermannJournal of Alloys and Compounds 818 (2020) 152842
Charge disproportionate molecular redox for discrete memristive and memcapacitive switchingS. Goswami, Santi P. Rath, Damien Thompson, Svante Hedström, Meenakshi Annamalai, Rajib Pramanick, B. Robert Ilic, Soumya Sarkar, Sonu Hooda, Christian A. Nijhuis, Jens Martin, R. Stanley Williams, Sreebrata Goswami & T. Venkatesan Nature Nanotechnology 15 (2020)380–389
Large, Tunable Valley Splitting and Single-Spin Relaxation Mechanisms in a Si/SxGe1-x Quantum DotA. Hollmann, Tom Struck, Veit Langrock, Andreas Schmidbauer, Floyd Schauer, Tim Leonhardt, Kentarou Sawano, Helge Riemann, Nikolay V. Abrosimov, Dominique Bougeard, Lars R. SchreiberPhys. Rev. Applied 13 (2020) 034068
Technology development of high purity germanium crystals for radiation detectorsN. Abrosimov, M. Czupalla, N. Dropka, J. Fischer, A. Gybin, K. Irmscher, J. Janicskó-Csáthy, U. Juda, S. Kayser, W. Miller, M. Pietsch, F. M. KießlingJournal of Crystal Growth 532, (2020) 125396
Favourable growth conditions for the preparation of bulk AlN single crystals by PVTC. Hartmann, L. Matiwe, J. Wollweber, I. Gamov, K. Irmscher, M. Bickermann, T. StraubingerCrystEngComm. 22 (2020) 1762-1768
Elastic properties of single crystal Bi12SiO20 as a function of pressure and temperature and acoustic attenuation effects in Bi12MO20 (M = Si, Ge and Ti)E. Haussühl, Hans Josef Reichmann, Jürgen Schreuer, Alexandra Friedrich, Christian Hirschle , Lkhamsuren Bayarjargal, Björn Winkler, Igor Alencar, Leonore Wiehl, Steffen GanschowMater. Res. Express 7 (2020) 025701