News | 08-11-2021

Felix Mauerhoff wins OPTICA Foundation Student Paper Award 2021

For his excellent presentation on the current results of his research on solid state laser cooling of high-purity ytterbium-doped calcium and strontium fluoride crystals, Felix Mauerhoff receives the coveted award for the best student paper at the “Advanced Solid State Lasers” conference during the annual OPTICA Laser Congress.

ASSL Student Paper Award winner Felix Mauerhoff / Photo: Prof. Dr. Georg Sommerer, Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin

Based on the high quality of his submission, Felix Mauerhoff’s abstract was chosen as one of the finalists in the best Student Paper competition by a committee of distinguished experts from academia and industry. His self-confident presentation on the results of his master's thesis finally also convinced the committee to select him for the prestigious award.

After Mr. Mauerhoff worked on his bachelor thesis at IKZ on the spectroscopic characterization of chromium-doped fluoride crystals and their use as amplifier material in diode-pumped lasers, his current master thesis is dedicated to the optical cooling of Yb3+-doped fluoride crystals by laser light irradiation. In addition to his master's thesis supervised by Dr. Hiroki Tanaka and Dr. Christian Kränkel, Mr. Mauerhoff is also working as a student assistant at Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ) and currently revises the setup for three-dimensional imaging of dislocations and other defects in crystals (Laser Scattering Tomography, LST) in terms of hardware and software. Felix Mauerhoff is a student at Beuth University of Applied Sciences (Berlin) in the Physical Engineering - Medical Physics program.

In addition to the award, Mr. Mauerhoff will receive the opportunity to participate free of charge in all international conferences offered by the organizer OPTICA in 2022.



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