News | 20-10-2022

IKZ celebrates its 30th anniversary

On 20th October, IKZ celebrated its 30th anniversary after the foundation in 1992.

(from left to right): Thomas Schröder, director of the IKZ since 2018, Roberto Fornari, former director of the IKZ from 2003-2013 and Prof. Günther Tränkle, former acting director of the IKZ from 2013-2018.

The institute grew substantially over this time period and developed towards the EU flagship for science & technology, service and transfer in the field of crystalline materials R & D.

A symposium was held together with the Land Berlin (Dr. Jutta Koch-Unterseher) and two former IKZ directors (Prof. Roberto Fornari and Prof Günther Tränkle (interim)) reviewing important developments over the year.
In addition, a scientific talk on the future of oxide electronics was held by Prof. Kookrin Char fro the University of Seoul, recently awarded a Humboldt research award hosted by IKZ. Finally, Prof. Stefan Hecht from HU Berlin gave a talk on the future development of the Science & Tech Hub Adlershof from the perspective of the research platform IRIS / CSMB. 

Afterwards, the IKZ staff and all speakers were invited to the IKZ Oktoberfest as a nice event to come together and meet colleagues.

Presentation: "30 years of IKZ"