News | 16-10-2023

IKZ hosts 12th German -French Workshop on Oxide, Dielectric and Laser single crystals (WODIL 2023)

Around 40 researchers from Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy and Latvia gathered at the WODIL 2023 to discuss research involving oxide, chalcogenide and halide single crystals. These are used as optical, piezoelectric or laser materials, and as substrates for piezoelectric and oxide electronic applications.

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Participants of WODIL 2023

Twenty oral and two poster presentations highlighted achievements and provided useful insights on the authors’ respective research. The range of topics was quite broad, from high-power infrared Cr:ZnS/Se lasers, novel fluoride materials for various optical applications, solution growth of complex oxides for fundamental studies, simulation of stresses and dislocations during growth of oxide and halide crystals from the melt, and SrTiO3 thin films for memristive switching applications. Davide Baiocco (Pisa) and Christian Rhode (Berlin/Tel Aviv) got the young scientist presentation awards sponsored by Wiley-VCH Berlin. Details can be found on the website .

The workshop is part of a series of a joint collaboration of the German Society of Crystal Growth (DGKK), the CNRS network CRISTECH and the French Committee for Crystal Growth (CFCC). We thank our sponsors Coherent LaserSystems, TOPTICA Photonics, TRUMPF Laser, Malvern Panalytical and CrysTec for their financial support, and IRIS Adlershof of Humbolt-University of Berlin for providing the workshop site.

WODIL 2023 was a full success! The next WODIL takes place in september 2024 in Grenoble, France.