News | 23-11-2023

Materials for quantum technologies attract great interest at the EQTC 2023 conference

This year the institute presented its research on materials for quantum technologies for the first time at the European Quantum Technology Conference EQTC 2023, one of the largest events in the European quantum community and held under the auspices of the European Quantum Flagship innovation program.

IKZ exhibition at the European Quantum Technology Conference EQTC 2023 | Photo: Dr. Maike Schröder


Stakeholders from academia, industry and politics gathered for a week at the Hannover Convention Center to discuss scientific and technological developments in quantum technologies in Europe and worldwide. The topics addressed ranged from quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum simulation and sensing to key developments in industry and basic research.

This year, our exhibition focused on isotopically pure semiconductor materials - single crystals and films - and attracted great interest from conference participants. Dr. Kevin-Peter Gradwohl, head of the junior research group "SiGe-based Quantum Materials and Heterostructures", also presented the institute and the work of his group on the conference's showcase stage. Research at the IKZ focuses on both the growth of SiGe substrate crystals and isotopically pure SiGe heterostructures for applications in quantum technologies.

We are grateful for all the inspiring and professional discussions about our materials at our booth and look forward to further cooperation and dialogue with the European community. Many thanks also to Berlin Partner for the organization of the joint Berlin-Brandenburg exhibit in which we participated.



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