News | 22-04-2024

Femtosecond laser system at the IKZ-DESY JointLab goes into operation

IKZ workgroup X-Ray Optics in the new femtosecond laserlab: (left to right) Prof. Dr. Andreas Stierle (DESY Nanolab), Dr. Peter Gaal, Daniel Hensel, Daniel Schmidt, Mariana Brede (IKZ group X-Ray Optics) | Photo: Desy

Scientists from the IKZ-Group X-Ray Optics and from Prof. Andreas Stierles Workgroup at DESY Nanolab Jointly investigate the dynamics of crystalline materials at the Center for X-Ray Nanocsience (CXNS), DESY in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. The collaboration is embedded in the IKZ-DESY JointLab, which, in addition to own research topics, also includes method and material development tasks for synchrotrons as well as innovation and knowledge transfer. With the installation of a new femtosecond laser system, the JointLab has added a unique measuring station for time-resolved optical spectroscopy to its portfolio. The laser system from Light Conversion consists of three units: an amplifier (Pharos) with variable repetition rate, an oscillator (Flint) and an optical parametric amplifier (Orpheus) for frequency conversion. For time-resolved pump-probe measurements, the Pharos amplifier is electronically synchronized to the Flint oscillator. Combined with the variable repetition rate, the system can sample a microsecond to millisecond temporal range with a resolution of less than 300 fs (1 fs = 10-15 s). This unique setup is particularly suited for studying high-frequency acoustic waves and thermal properties in crystalline solids and nanostructures.

Currently we are primarily investigating the mechanical properties of InP nanocrystals in the new setup. Thanks to the new laser system we have already been able to detect acoustic eigenmodes with frequencies of up to 50 GHz. A second setup for studying surface sound waves is under construction.


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Dr. Peter Gaal

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