News | 15-09-2023

Great response to IKZ-FOR5044 summer school

From 6-8 September 2023, the IKZ Summer School 2023 with the topic "Polar Piezoelectric Oxides" took place in the Max Born Hall in Berlin-Adlershof.

It was organised by the DFG research group 5044 "Periodic low-dimensional defect structures in polar oxides", which, in addition to the IKZ, also includes groups from the TU Clausthal, the University of Gießen, the University of Osnabrück and the TU Dresden.


The research group's object of investigation is polar oxide lithium niobate-lithium tantalate solid solutions, but the lectures were more general. About 40 PhD students and 20 scientists attended and listened to Marco Bazzan (Padua) introducing the basics of piezoelectricity, Simone Sanna(Gießen) explaining atomistic modelling, and Michael Rüsing (Dresden) speaking about domain walls. From the IKZ, Steffen Ganschow presented volume crystal growth and Jutta Schwarzkopf presented epitaxy of thin oxide films.

On the second day we heard Marco Imlau (Osnabrück) and Harald Schmidt (Clausthal) on the study of defects, and Holger Fritze and Yuri Suhak (Goslar) on electroacoustic properties in piezoelectric materials. Afterwards, 22 posters were presented and all attendees enjoyed an evening boat trip on the Spree in summery temperatures.

On the third day, Christiane Richter (DFG) presented the DFG funding programmes for young scientists.

A highlight were the two "hands-on" trainings offered by Simone Sanna on DFT modelling and Mirko Imlau on spectrometer self-assembly. Also, laboratory tours were conducted at the IKZ.

We are pleased that the summer school met with such a good response.