News | 08-08-2023

Guest scientist from Algeria visits IKZ

Dr. Meftah Tablaoui, group leader at the Algerian Research Center for Semiconductor Energy Materials (Centre de Recherche en Technologie des Semi-conducteurs pour l'Energétique, CRTSE) in Algiers, visited the IKZ and learned about the various activities in crystal growth and characterization.

Dr. Meftah Tablaoui (right) and Prof. Matthias Bickermann (left)

The investigation of materials for photovoltaics and thermoelectrics was in the focus of the visit. At the institute in Algeria, chalcogenides for thin-film solar cells and for energy conversion are being studied and optimized in composition; in addition, silicon production and modeling of crystal growth processes are of interest. Dr. Meftah Tablaoui spent two weeks at the institute working and discussing with various research groups; the stay was supervised by Prof. Matthias Bickermann.

Further information:
Matthias Bickermann | Head of Department Volume Crystals