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TXproducts is a spin-off from the X-Ray Optics group at IKZ and was founded in close cooperation with DESY in Hamburg in April 2021. IKZ and DESY also bundle and coordinate their activities in an IKZ-DESY Joint Lab on the DESY campus in Hamburg Bahrenfeld. The startup is also supported by the EFRE application laboratory "Materials for Oxide Electronics".

TXproducts develops and commercializes Active X-Ray Optics for adapting the time structure of synchrotron radiation specifically for experiments at large-scale research facilities. This includes in particular the WaveGate PulsePicker - a compact device for selecting on-demand X-ray pulse pattern. By adapting the time structure, experiments at synchrotrons can be carried out with increased efficiency up to hundred times faster.

The technology behind the innovations from TXproducts was developed to market readiness by the founders together with a team of scientists from IKZ and various other research institutions. In particular, the IKZ provides tailor-made materials which allow efficient manipulation of X-ray pulses.

TXproducts is currently developing applications of its products in several pilot projects at the synchrotron sources DESY (Hamburg) and ESRF (Grenoble, France). For the construction of a universally applicable demonstrator, TXproducts was awarded the InnoRampUp funding from the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank IFB in October 2021.

Visit the company’s homepage at www.txproducts.de

Peter Gaal

Peter Gaal holds a PhD in experimental physics with a strong background in structural dynamics and solid state physics. As a researcher, university lecturer and entrepreneur, he is driving the development of active X-ray optics.

Daniel Schmidt

Daniel Schmidt holds a master's degree in nanoscience and specializes in time-resolved synchrotron and laser applications. Together with Peter Gaal, he is the founder of TXP and drives active X-ray optics from prototyping to market.

Mail: infotxproducts.de
Phone: +49 15678 378792

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Dr. Peter Gaal

Dr. Peter Gaal

Ph. +49 30 6392 2858

Daniel Schmidt

Daniel Schmidt

Ph. +49 15678 378792