News | 03-05-2023

Granting the IKZ International Guest Fellowship Award 2023 “Freestanding Functional Oxide Films” to Prof. Nini Pryds

The IKZ International Guest Fellowship Award 2023 is presented this year to Prof. Nini Pryds from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) for his significant contributions in the field of manipulation of free-standing perovskite layers.

Prof. Nini Pryds from Technical University Denmark presents the scientific IKZ Fellowship Award 2023 talk at IKZ.


Depending on their composition and structure, oxides offer many different functional properties that can be specifically influenced by lattice strains, the formation of heterointerfaces or deviations from the stoichiometry. The production and stacking of free-standing oxide membranes enables the development of an innovative platform for different materials and material combinations with novel properties, beyond the possibilities of classical heteroepitaxy. IKZ has been dealing with the production and stacking of such free-standing crystalline layers for 3 years.

The IKZ International Guest Fellowship Award 2023 is intended to honour an internationally renowned scientist from the newly emerging research field of free-standing thin oxide layers, and to establish international cooperation with the IKZ in this field. This year's winner is Prof. Nini Pryds from the DTU, an internationally well-known scientist in the field of thin perovskite layers. He has made outstanding contributions to new disciplines such as "nanoionics" and "iontronics", which deal with the design and control of interface-related phenomena in fast ionic and electronic conductors. In recent years, Prof. Nini Pryds has also been working on the synthesis, transfer and characterization of free-standing crystalline oxide layers.

The award and the prize money were presented during the “Freestanding Functional Thin Films” workshop, which took place on April 24, 2023 at the IKZ. In addition to the award ceremony for Prof. Nini Pryds, the program offered several lectures on the subject and the opportunity to discuss future joint collaborations and research proposals.

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