News | 19-04-2024

Presentation of the "IKZ Fellowship" to Prof. Clara Saraceno with workshop on "Nonlinear Optical Crystals"

Award ceremony of the IKZ Fellowship 2024. f.l.t.r.: Hiroki Tanaka, Jeremy Johnson, Christian Kränkel, Nicholas Matlis, Valentin Petrov, Christine Silberhorn, Clara Saraceno, Thomas Schröder, Matthias Bickermann | Photo: Stefanie Grüber

The IKZ International Fellowship Award was presented in 2024 for achievements in the field of oxide and fluoride dielectrics and laser crystals, and honors Clara Saraceno from Ruhr University Bochum in Germany, an internationally renowned, outstanding research personality in this field. The awardee will explore new research directions and opportunities for future third-party funded projects with the IKZ and in particular with the groups of Christian Kränkel, Steffen Ganschow and Hiroki Tanaka.

The award ceremony took place on April 15/16, 2024 as part of the IKZ International Fellowship Workshop on "Nonlinear crystals for THz, mid-IR and UV radiation generation". The workshop was held in the Max Born Hall and was well attended. In addition to Clara Saraceno, further talks were given by top-class guest speakers such as Christine Silberhorn (Paderborn), Janos Hebling (Pécs/Hungary), Nicholas Matlis (DESY Hamburg), Jeremy Johnson (Utah/USA) and Valentin Petrov (MBI Berlin) as well as by our junior research group leader Hiroki Tanaka.

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