News | 01-12-2022

Substrates in Prototype Series - Aluminum Nitride for Research and Development

Aluminum nitride is a promising material for modern applications in micro- and optoelectronics. A prerequisite for the development of AlN-based technologies is the availability of substrates with defined and reproducible properties - a gap that is now closed by the IKZ.

Left: Aluminum nitride crystal (1 in.) | Right: Aluminum nitride substrate (1 in.)

The potential applications for AlN are numerous and range from light-emitting diodes in the UV-C range for disinfection and sensors in the high-temperature range to transistors for electromobility or wireless communication. For the development of technologies and components in these areas, the availability of materials with precisely defined and reproducible properties is a key element. Until now, there have been only a few sources of supply for AlN, especially in the European region. The IKZ is addressing this issue by offering aluminum nitride substrates with low dislocation density, precise orientation and high surface quality for research purposes or technology development via its website.

The wafers are epi-ready and optimized for the growth of functional AlN/AlGaN epitaxial layers. In addition, we also offer substrates with suitable absorption properties for the development of UVC light-emitting diodes. The IKZ advises on the requirement-specific selection of substrate properties and, in addition to the sale of substrates, is also open for joint projects.

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