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Silicon on Glass Grown from Indium and Tin SolutionsR. Bansen, C. Ehlers, Th. Teubner, K. Boettcher, K. Gambaryan, J. Schmidtbauer, T. BoeckJ Photon Energy J 6 (2016) 025501
Steady-State Solution Growth of Microcrystalline Silicon on Nanocrystalline Seed Layers on GlassR. Bansen, C. Ehlers, Th. Teubner, T. BoeckJ. Semicon. 37 (2016) 093001
Evolution of real structure in Ge-Si mosaic crystalsD. Borisova, N.V. Abrosimov,K. Shcherbachev, V. Klemm, G. Schreiber, D. Heger, U. Juda , V. Bublik, H. OettelCryst. Res. Technol. 51, No. 12, 742–751 (2016)