News | 04-12-2023

IKZ young scientist Dr. Hiroki Tanaka receives the funding of Leibniz Junior Research Groups in Leibniz Competition 2024

After a competitive selection process, Dr. Hiroki Tanaka's research proposal titled 'Photonics with ultra-pure fluoride crystals' has been awarded funding for the next five years under the esteemed Leibniz Junior Research Groups framework within the Leibniz Competition 2024.

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Dr. Hiroki Tanaka

The project promises to delve into the forefront of photonics advancements, leveraging ultra-pure fluoride crystals to explore a spectrum of sophisticated technologies. This includes groundbreaking investigations into solid-state lasers, nonlinear optics within the vacuum UV spectral range, and laser cooling of solids by anti-Stokes fluorescence.

Dr. Tanaka will establish an interdisciplinary research group that covers both crystal growth and application-specific characterization. This would be the key to overcoming the technological bottleneck due to the material’s purity limit. The utilization of ultra-pure fluoride crystals in photonics opens up avenues for unprecedented wavelength, efficiency, and precision in light-matter interaction, laying the groundwork for transformative advancements in various scientific and technological domains.

Dr. Hiroki Tanaka | Junior Research Group "Fluoride Crystals for Photonic Applications"